The impact of the epidemic on the game industry is multifaceted, some people make money, some delay, and some friends are almost unable to make it Sega, which has nearly 200 arcade halls in Japan, has unfortunately become one of the latter. During the epidemic, arcade halls closed down one after another, and Sega, which suffered heavy losses, had no choice but to announce that they would transfer 85.1% of the shares of its subsidiary “Sega entertainment” to Genda, which is engaged in game console leasing and entertainment related businesses. < / P > < p > with the transfer taking effect on December 30, Sega, an old Japanese game company, which has been established for decades and has made its own business in arcade, will also formally give up the operation business of arcade hall. < / P > < p > it is understood that the name of the existing Sega arcade hall will not be changed, but the operation will be handed over to Genda. This change will not affect Sega’s game department. < / P > < p > if you have a regular audience, the first program of 3DM express just mentioned the “fog game” technology that Sega built for the arcade hall. Although we felt that it was a good way to save the industry at that time, we didn’t think that it would be half a year before Sega, unable to stop the epidemic, chose to give up on its own initiative, and the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, so we players had to Lament for the end of an era. Global Tech