On the 28th, the share price of the 100 billion “blind box first share”, which has just been listed on the stock market, suddenly collapsed, and its market value evaporated about 15 billion Hong Kong dollars. At the end of last week, bubble Mart was exposed as a second sale. After opening today, it opened more than 10% lower. As of press time, it is now at HK $74.1 per share, once plummeting by 15%, and its market value has evaporated by more than 15 billion. < p > < p > on December 11, bubble Mart was listed in Hong Kong. After the opening, it quickly rose to HK $77 per share, 100% higher than the subscription price of HK $38.5 per share. The market value of the company exceeded HK $100 billion. < / P > < p > but for the senior players who are addicted to collecting and extracting blind boxes, they are also a group of people with high loyalty, just like the circle of shoe frying. < / P > < p > for the realization value of the blind box, if you draw the specific hidden money with very low probability, you can sell it several times or even dozens of times higher than the original price on many second-hand trading platforms.

in December 23rd, a voice released by netizens said that the sealed box was bought at the bubble shop in the Mixc, Ji’nan. It was questioned that the salesmen sold the two tiktok, and there were yellow glue on the top box, and even the inside of the label appeared bending crease, which obviously had the traces of being opened. < / P > < p > in the early morning of the 24th, the netizen said that he had received a response from paopaoma te, confirming that the situation was true. Store staff admitted and said: “after we looked at it, we found it was stained with glue, because it turned yellow.” < / P > < p > in response to this, five employees involved have been dismissed, and all employees involved have been dismissed and will never be employed. Next, we will improve the service process of stores, and carry out inspections of stores around the world to strengthen supervision.

but once it was fermented, it attracted the attention of many netizens and make complaints about it. Many netizens from Beijing and Shanghai said that they had encountered secondary sales. < / P > < p > it is understood that a set of blind boxes is generally composed of 12 “ordinary models” and 1 “hidden model”, and the probability of obtaining the latter is very low. On the second-hand trading platforms such as Xianyu, the price of “hidden money” and “hot money” is even ten times higher than the original price, which leads to the profit-making behavior of clerks. < / P > < p > according to the previous observation report of shenran, the highest price of labubu’s two major IPS, labubu’s generation Dayan “Pepper Fish Pink Pearl out of print” on idle fish is 7800 yuan, which is 100 times the price of ordinary blind box; the price of dimoo’s “deer shadow” is even more than 10000 yuan. On December 26, Xinhua News Agency recently published an article on the evaluation of the blind box economy, saying that the blind box economy has not only become an economic phenomenon, but also reflects the psychological and living conditions of young people in China, especially the “post-95” generation. Behind the surprise and expectation, addiction and gambling psychology brought about by the “blind box fever” are also breeding abnormal consumption. Many blind box lovers spend a lot of money every month. It is just the so-called “once you enter a blind box, it’s like a sea, and since then your wallet is a passer-by.”. < / P > < p > in this regard, experts suggest that parents and teachers should guide minors to form a good concept of consumption to avoid being misled into the consumption trap. At the same time, the regulatory authorities should further standardize the blind box business model to avoid its abnormal development and negative impact on the society and the growth of young people. According to Wei Wenqi, an associate professor in the school of psychology of South China Normal University, “when it comes to money burning, we should still maintain a correct consumption concept. We can pay for happiness, but not for impulse. ” Global Tech