Busonie has been developing new games for more than three years, according to busonie. In an interview with Metro, he talked about the studio’s future games and parted ways with Activision. When asked about Bungie’s split with Activision in January 2019, Parsons said their consistent desire was “to pursue creative independence.”. Obviously, this means control over destiny 2. < / P > < p > Bungie’s development of games for other projects is no secret. In 2018, Bungie submitted a new game software trademark matter in Europe. Bungie also plans to launch a non destiny game sometime before 2025 in 2019. This year, a job advertisement for Bungie said they were developing a “relaxed and eccentric” project. Jason Jones, Johnny Ebbert, Zach russsell and others started incubating new projects three years ago, according to parson. This means that in 2017, and in 2018, Bungie decided to absorb $100 million of Netease’s investment, and soon broke up with Activitv. Parsons also said M.E. Chung, social systems designer for destiny, was working on a new incubation project. < / P > < p > the incubation process is more about building a good team. Of course, he is quite satisfied with the development process of the game. For Bungie, supporting these incubated game projects is a major priority for the company. Despite the outbreak, Bungie is hiring new employees more frequently than ever before. Since March this year, nearly all of Bungie’s studio has been moved to telecommuting indefinitely. Parsons said telecommuting will be a test and trial for team developers. Skip to content