Since the beginning of 2020, affected by the downward trend of the automobile market and the epidemic situation, many automobile enterprises are in a state of declining sales volume and huge losses, and the new force of automobile manufacturing is even more powerful. In June this year, one of the new automobile manufacturing forces established in 2017 – < / P > < p > subsequently, beiteng ce0 Daley temporarily organized and held a telephone communication meeting for all employees in China, announced that byton motor would suspend its business in mainland China, and said that it would properly handle employees’ wages and only keep a small number of employees on duty. < p > < p > recently, according to media reports, Daniel kirchert, co-founder and CEO of the electric vehicle start-up, has left the electric vehicle start-up, and Ding Qingfen, the co-founder, has now become the “actual” head of the company. It is understood that at the end of June this year, byton Motor announced that China would stop production from July, and all employees of all companies in China were waiting for jobs. The shutdown period is expected to be 6 months, and the follow-up arrangement will be decided according to the specific situation of the company and will be further notified. According to the previous report, Nanjing shengteng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., a new technology company registered by byton automobile, was officially established on September 9 with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan. Its business scope includes research and development of automobile parts, technical service, technical development, technical consultation, technical exchange, technology transfer and technology promotion. However, the industry is not optimistic about its future development. At present, the car manufacturing industry has entered the downturn and elimination competition, and the new energy vehicle market is in cold weather. Byton, which is heavily in debt, will face more problems. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today