Recently, the 2020 pangolin super star gathering conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, pangolin launched the “star gathering program 2.0” and announced that it would spend 5 billion special projects in the next year to encourage high-quality developers, especially game developers. Objectively speaking, the outside world is not surprised by the pangolin’s move. < / P > < p > we should know that last year byte’s annual revenue was 140 billion yuan, and advertising revenue was 120 billion yuan, of which game advertising revenue was 55 billion yuan, accounting for 46%. < p > < p > within the byte jitter, the commercial department’s ocean engine plays an important role. It is the marketing service brand of byte beat. On the other hand, pangolin, a video advertising platform under the giant engine, is on the other hand. Tiktok, which is classified into two categories, the default and pangolin, is the

‘s data. The default range includes the headline, watermelon video, jitter, volcano video and other huge engine products. Pangolin traffic is mainly from the manufacturer’s traffic and its famous APP. < p > < p > generally speaking, pangolin is a platform combining app advertising alliance and video advertising. On the one hand, it integrates the traffic of each app and then sells it to advertisers; on the other hand, it matches advertisers through product styles such as open screen, incentive video and accurate algorithm. < / P > < p > according to public data, the byte hopping pangolin team was established in June 2017 and officially released on August 14, 2018. So far, the daily average advertising requests of pangolin platform have reached 63 billion, which has increased by more than 75% compared with the same period last year; the average daily advertising display volume has also exceeded 11 billion, with an increase of 62% compared with last year. < / P > < p > according to the data disclosed by the government, pangolin has more than 100000 cooperative applications, has more than 40 head vertical media with dau greater than 5 million, and gathers high-quality resources including native browser, video app, open screen / lock screen and other high-quality resources of huami ov’s four top mobile manufacturers < / P > < p > under this background, pangolin puts forward a new vision to be a developer Our partners and helpers. To realize this vision, pangolin gives three key words: full growth, deep worry free and healthy ecology. < / P > < p > specific to the business model, pangolin will be upgraded from the breakthrough, professional, ecological and other aspects. Taking breakthrough power as an example, pangolin will focus on business model breakthrough in the three major industries of game, information and video. < p > < p > at the meeting, pangolin also launched “Star Program 2.0”, which will provide 5 billion special incentives in the next year, and provide up to 150% share subsidy for high-quality developers around the world. < / P > < p > for high potential developers and game developers, pangolin also launched the “pangolin star boost program”, and the developers who successfully participated in the event can get up to 30% extra bonus. This means that the monthly income subsidy for high-quality developers will reach 180%. In terms of international business, Pangle officially entered the Japanese market in July last year. In one year, Mau in Japan increased by nearly 211%, covering about 18% of users in Japan, and ECPM in Japan increased significantly by 18%. < / P > < p > at present, Pangle has developed rapidly in many regions of the world, especially in South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. < / P > < p > generally speaking, people think that leisure game manufacturers are big buyers of pangolin platforms. After all, incentive video advertising is the mainstream realization mode of leisure games. But things are quietly changing, a large number of domestic business model manufacturers are turning to advertising cash. < p > < p > Xiamen celadon network is the most typical representative. In the past, most of its products were purchased from home, such as grid RPG, the battle of the Three Kingdoms, and Yugong Yishan. However, products released in the past two years, such as “the strongest snail”, have adopted the mixed liquidation mode. Zeng xianshuo, COO of, said that there was a trend in buying in games. Zero krypton and small R players thought that watching advertisements was a kind of liver process. This group of players believe that this is a way to narrow the gap with paid players. < / P > < p > on the pangolin platform, the head of the sub category of the moderate game category represents the company. The exploration of the mixed realization mode has entered the mature stage. Five vertical categories have achieved good results: chicken eating, gun fighting, female gongdou, adventure, SLG and sports racing. < / P > < p > according to the data disclosed by the government, most of the moderate games gain 20% – 30% of the total revenue of the game after accessing the incentive video advertising. For medium and heavy games with well-designed advertising sites or good user quality, advertising revenue accounts for 50% of the total revenue, and the user retention time is not reduced, but also positively improved. < p > < p > take the example of the most powerful snail, which is self-developed and released by celadon network, which is owned by Gilbert. Since it was launched on June 23, it has occupied the top of IOS free list for 8 consecutive days, and the best-selling list has broken into the top 5. < p > < p > celadon network coo Zeng xiangshuo revealed that before the launch of “the strongest snail”, the company had reserved more than 200000 users for playing test. He said that two weeks or a month after the core play method comes out, users will be asked to test it by observing times, staying for 7 months, and then adjusting the payment and adding content. < / P > < p > in terms of purchasing strategy, the strongest snail chooses to access the pangolin platform. According to the data disclosed by the government, the proportion of advertising revenue has increased to 10% after the pangolin incentive video ads are accessed, and the average display is 2-3 times. Interestingly, Zeng also recalls that some advertisements involve content that does not comply with regulations. Pangolins have been very helpful in this regard. < / P > < p > another example is the rogue like horizontal action adventure game “Lost Castle” released by the thunder game of gibbet, which once dominated the free list of IOS for a week. In this work, pangolin incentive video is the main form of advertising, and three incentive video advertising spots are set. < p > < p > they are respectively the resurrection, the prison advertisement and the daily soul crystal. Specifically, resurrection refers to the player who chooses to watch the video for free or pay to obtain the resurrection of health value after he or she dies in a single game, so as to provide the possibility for ordinary players to pass customs. This helps to extend the retention time. < / P > < p > considering that some players want to have high-level equipment before the game starts, Lost Castle also provides corresponding incentive video ads, namely prison ads. At the beginning of the game, players can choose to watch ads (5 times limit) and get random buff for free or pay. If players are eager to upgrade, they can choose to watch the ads and experience props in advance. With the help of this method, it can obviously stimulate the willingness of domestic purchase. < / P > < p > as for the daily Soul Crystal points, you can choose to watch the advertisement to receive the daily Soul Crystal reward for free (3 times limit), which helps to enhance the retention rate of the game and provide user activity. At the same time, it can contribute additional income. < / P > < p > it is reported that after the access of incentive video advertising, the revenue and ARPU value of the work have increased by 30%, the overall number of ads per capita has been displayed twice, and the user penetration rate has reached 40%. It can be said that flexible use of incentive video advertising can better balance user retention and payment rate. < / P > < p > we can’t predict what order of magnitude growth will be brought to leisure games by the increasingly perfect byte advertising toolbox. But one thing can be clear is that game developers have a new channel and new means. 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