On September 10, local time, according to the Wall Street Journal, the parent company of tiktok, byte hopping, is discussing with the U.S. government possible solutions to prevent tiktok, a popular short video app, from selling its entire U.S. business. Since the Chinese government took measures to make it more difficult for tiktok to sell its business to U.S. technology giants such as Microsoft, the discussion about tiktok’s not selling has become noticeable. < p > < p > earlier, President trump issued an executive order requiring byte skipping to sell tiktok’s US business, otherwise tiktok would be banned. With the intensification of geopolitical conflicts, Trump’s tiktok sale deadline is approaching, and relevant discussions are becoming more and more intense. People familiar with the matter said that the current situation is unstable and there are many possibilities, and the sale has not been completely ruled out. Another person familiar with the matter said tiktok may need some restructuring even if it is not fully sold. According to people familiar with the negotiations, U.S. government officials involved in the negotiations are mainly concerned about tiktok’s data security and keeping the Chinese government away from the data. President trump has said many times that he hopes to have the business of tiktok acquired by American companies, and it is not clear whether there is any alternative plan to dispel his concerns. The position of the Chinese government is also unclear. In a statement, U.S. Treasury spokesman Monica Crowley said, “in accordance with the executive order signed by trump on August 14 requiring the divestiture of tiktok, the Department is currently focusing on discussions related to the sale.”. < / P > < p > according to previous media reports, byte skipping has been exploring various possibilities, including selling tiktok’s US business to Microsoft, Wal mart or oracle. Late last month, the Chinese government issued new restrictions on the export of artificial intelligence technology, prompting byte skipping to suspend relevant actions and assess the possible impact of the new rules on the sale, which made the negotiation more complicated. One question is whether the new rules will prevent all of tiktok’s important algorithms from being included in the deal. People close to bidders say that if these algorithms are not on sale, tiktok’s appeal will be greatly reduced. < / P > < p > even before, the sale was not certain. At the end of August, tiktok filed a lawsuit against Trump’s administrative order. According to the executive order, tiktok faces a ban if it doesn’t find a buyer. Prior to the president’s ban, the U.S. government was considering measures to ask tiktok to protect the data collected in the United States, according to people familiar with the matter. Specific measures include limiting where data is stored and the scope of access, people familiar with the matter said. Last year, the U.S. government issued another administrative order, pointing out that Huawei and other companies have national security threats. The restrictions on tiktok are the continuation of Huawei’s administrative order. < / P > < p > there are reports that byte skipping is trying to propose a plan not to sell tiktok, and has shown to the trump administration that there are risks in shutting down tiktok – one of the reasons is that a large proportion of tiktok users are biased towards political conservatives. However, a group of teenagers used the platform to disrupt the attendance rate of President Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma election rally in June, and the attendance rate was lower than expected, thus tiktok established the image of the political progress camp. < / P > < p > people familiar with the matter said data security related issues were discussed with CIA representatives in Virginia last week, including representatives from at least one of tiktok’s major investors (Sequoia Capital, pan Atlantic and coatue funds). According to the administrative order of August 6, the white house gave byte skipping a 45 day period, and tiktok would face a ban if it could not find a buyer. Trump said that if tiktok is not sold to US companies, it will not be able to eliminate its threat to the U.S. economy and national security. Under this deadline, tiktok needs to reach a sale agreement by September 20 – which is too intense for any M & a deal, not to mention a case like tiktok that is large, complex and has many international political implications. Another presidential decree on August 14 stipulates that the deadline for all transactions to be completed is November 12, 90 days later, which may be extended by 30 days. But in any case, the deadline stipulated in the second executive order will be later than the time of the US presidential election. Global Tech