According to the source, byte beat company may miss the deadline of trump administration when it completes the sale of its TikTok US business. China’s new regulations on technology exports complicate the takeover negotiations between bidders Microsoft and Oracle. The sale may exceed the U.S. government deadline due to regulatory review, and it will take until September 20 to reach an agreement, the source said. During preliminary talks with Chinese officials, byte skipping was required to submit any proposal for approval and provide detailed information on technical and financial issues, one of the sources said. The review will be substantive and will take time. Officials did not give specific guidance on the deal, the person said. < / P > < p > sources said that Microsoft and Oracle had submitted acquisition proposals before the introduction of China’s technology export regulations. The two companies’ interest in tiktok’s US business has not changed, and they have not been dissuaded by Chinese regulators. They said bidders have asked byte skipping to be as clear as possible about China’s new regulations. Under the new technology export regulations, some AI technologies used by tiktok may need to be licensed by Chinese regulators. < / P > < p > the buyers and sellers are still working hard to submit a preliminary agreement to the US government on the sale of tiktok’s US business before the deadline of this month, although the sale will eventually require the approval of Chinese regulators. However, in the end, it is possible that the transaction will not meet the requirements of the two governments, and the buyer and the seller will completely withdraw from the sale. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region