Cadillac has brought gratifying technological upgrades to the 2021 cT4 and 2021 CT5, and the more modern instrument panel has finally added the enhanced super cruise system. GM’s hands-free assisted driving system for freeway Lane splitting has automatic lane changing, and a surveillance camera ensures that drivers can drive without touching it. < / P > < p > this is a welcome extension of the super cruise system, which until now is only available on specific CT6 models. Cadillac plans to expand it to include the new Escalade, as well as the cT4 and CT5. However, people need to wait a year to get these upgrades on these cars. < / P > < p > but before that, there will be other technical improvements. The old analog dial in the dashboard is missing, with a LCD screen sandwiched in it. This is an available 12 inch all digital dashboard, which can be reconfigured according to the driving mode. As a result, there is a unique view on the ct4-v and ct5-v for tour, sport and track, plus a simple stealth theme. The driver can also adjust the information displayed in each mode. < / P > < p > in addition, wireless apple Carplay and Android auto will be added, as well as live and on-demand programs from siriusxm and 360l5. The optional rotary infotainment knob will get gear control for faster navigation. < / P > < p > Cadillac is also adjusting security features, adding the & quot; buck to drive & quot; settings. This is optional and will prevent the cT4 or CT5 from shifting from P within 20 seconds after the car is started, or until the driver’s seat belt is buckled. “Consistent with Cadillac’s commitment to safety,” the car manufacturer said, “this feature is automatically turned on from the factory, but can be turned off via the vehicle settings in the infotainment display.” < / P > < p > the 2021 cT4 luxury version is equipped with front collision warning, pedestrian pre collision system, automatic emergency braking and safety warning seat as standard. Their expansion means that they have become standard parts of the cT4 and CT5 series, and the cT4 luxury has always been the last remaining model. < / P > < p > meanwhile, by early 2021, Cadillac plans to add a new diamond sky special edition suite. Exclusive to the cT4 and CT5, the premium luxury model features a new diamond sky metallic finish, a new front grille and bright trim. It also comes in a diamond cut / Midnight silver finish alloy and comes with all season tires, although large versions of the wheel hub are available in polished / dark Android finish. < / P > < p > Brembo V performance front brakes are also included in the kit, with blue brake calipers on all four wheels. The rear tail lamp adopts transparent cover with neutral density, and the inner side is crystal clear. In terms of interior, diamond sky has obtained leather seats in tianku grey / jet black, and has a specially customized perforated pattern of seat inserts. In addition, the cT4 has a special Centaur finish aluminum trim, and the CT5 has a galaxy finish wood trim; both have alloy pedals and diamond sky metal Keyrings. In terms of < / P > < p > V series, the performance of the 2021 ct4-v and 2021 ct5-v is now in the new Modena leather, and the horn pad is also wrapped in matching leather. The V performance brand has been added to the front brake calipers. Ct4-v obtained the carbon fiber center console decoration. < / P > < p > more importantly, some of the configurations previously available only on the V-series are now available in other vehicle lines. For example, the 2021 CT5 sport version can have a v-performance package, adding upgraded high-performance suspension, magnetic driving control and mechanical limited slip differential. CT4 sport and CT5 sport can also add Brembo V performance front brakes, as well as red or blue calipers. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure