Activision is about to launch a new call of Duty series, “call of duty 17: black action, cold war,” but here’s the last one, “call of duty 16: modern war.”. In a conference call to investors, the company confirmed that the “modern war” restart of 2019 sold more than the rest of the series in its first year. Two thirds of them are digital, but Activision did not provide specific sales data. < p > < p > Daniel Alegre, President and chief financial officer, points out that “modern war” is seven times longer than previous games on all platforms. “Call of duty” has also increased sales in the post war zone < / P > < p > “modern warfare’s first year sales were the highest in the history of call of duty, two thirds of which were digital. We’ve also seen the continued advantage of the “in game” system of the series, with net in game revenue for both mainframe and PC systems four times that of a year ago. ” Of course, it’s no surprise that “modern warfare” is still one of the top 10 best-selling American Games of the month released by NPD. However, seeing such a strong digital comparison, we can understand the impact of “free game experience” on mobile TV business model. < / P > < p > theater will also be integrated into call of duty 17: black action cold war, so it is expected that support for it will continue (especially considering its current 80 million downloads). The latter will be available on xsx / s, xboxone, PS4, ps5 and PC on November 13. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States