“Call of duty 17: black action, cold war” has achieved good results in the evaluation of major media, but the views of the players on this game seem to be a little different. Although “call of duty” is still one of the most popular modern game series, the score of “call of duty 17: black action cold war” shows a serious polarization trend. < / P > < p > in other words, last year’s call of duty 16: Modern Warfare scores were similar. Although the media reviews gave high scores, the players soon found that the multiplayer mode was not impressive beyond the high immersion campaign mode. A year later, “call of duty 17: black action cold war” repeats the dilemma of a year ago. < / P > < p > in the comments given by players on call of duty 17, many people think that the game is not finished and there are too many bugs. We still don’t have any dissatisfaction with the campaign mode, but we have some complaints about the stability of the server in multiplayer mode and the weapon balance of the puzzle. This also makes players score 0-3 for this game with a full score of 10, making the current player score of this PC version on Metacritic is only 3.4. In contrast, PS4 and ps5 are slightly higher, with 3.6 points. The worst is the Xbox series X version, which currently only gets 2.8 points. However, with the increase of negative feedback from players, many people begin to doubt whether this game can be as good as call of duty 16. Developers should now receive a long list of player feedback, and the next thing to do is fix it slowly. Global Tech