Foreign media digital foundry has tested the optical pursuit mode (60fps) and 120fps mode of call of duty 17 on ps5 and Xbox series X respectively. DF found that the Xbox series X performs better and can stabilize 60fps in the mode of optical chase on / 60fps (4K dynamic resolution), while ps5 occasionally drops frames to 40fps. In the 120fps (degraded image quality) performance mode (dynamic resolution), ps5 keeps ahead, often leading the xsx 10fps in very fierce combat hours. < / P > < p > xsx has a better optical performance, which is undoubtedly related to its more powerful GPU, but ps5 performs better in 120fps performance mode. Foreign media think that it may be related to ps5 variable frequency CPU. < p > < p > DF also tested the Xbox series s version of the game. This version obviously has some image quality sacrifice: no light chasing shadows, less details of the environment, and the dynamic resolution target is 1440p, but sometimes the minimum is 1200p. The XSS version is basically stable at 60fps, and occasionally dropped to about 50FPS. Global Tech