“Call of Duty: black action cold war” will be released on November 13, and Beenox studio will help with its PC version. According to the team, the PC version will feature unlimited frame rate, support for high refresh rate displays and customizable field of view. In addition, the game will take advantage of the DirectX 12 API. According to Beenox, this will improve overall performance and allow the team to add support for real-time ray tracing effects, etc. In addition, dx12 will help reduce latency issues. < / P > < p > < p > Call of Duty: black action cold war will have ray traced shadows and ambient occlusion. The game will also support DLSS, as well as NVIDIA’s reflection technology. < p > < p > < p > “call of Duty: black action cold war” will lead players to the early 1980s, into the abyss of geopolitical disputes during the cold war. The game will be a sequel to the first call of Duty: black action. In the single player campaign, players will fall into the dark center of global conspiracy and witness the important figures and truth in history. At the same time, players will also reunite with some of the iconic characters of the first black action, such as woods, Mason and Hudson. Of course, the game will also have a new cast. Global Tech