A famous uncle pasted an old work “call of Duty: World War II” art picture with hammer emoticons, suggesting that the 2021 products in charge of hammer studio still adopt the World War II setting. Some people don’t believe that mobile TV is still coming. They asked him if he wanted to talk about the Third World War. This source clearly pointed out that it was the Second World War.


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The last work of sledgehammer studio is call of Duty: World War II, which was launched in 2017. It is based on the European war and lacks some important battlefields. I believe the new work will fill the gap in this aspect.

Treyarch also published call of Duty: world at war in 2008, which reflects the Pacific battlefield. Its reputation is not as good as the breakthrough Cod4. However, the PVE Zombie mode introduced for the first time won the favor of the players, and later became treyarch’s house keeping secret.

Some players think that if the return of COD to World War II comes true, EA will get a golden opportunity – the latter’s new battlefield will dust off the dust of World War II and return to the BF3 era, just opposite to cod.