According to foreign media BGR, NASA’s Osiris Rex asteroid probe has been orbiting a space rock called Bennu for several months. The spacecraft has carefully observed the asteroid’s surface and sent back a lot of data. It’s all good, but the most dangerous and important part of its mission has just begun.

NASA hopes that its high-tech probe will be able to conduct a brief touch sample collection of materials on the surface of asteroids. It’s going to be more and more safe to return to orbit in the past few months until it’s safe to return to orbit. Now, with the completion of the latest exercise, the spacecraft is ready to make a critical dive and attempt to perform this dangerous “stunt.”.

as NASA explained in a new blog post, its latest drill test took about four hours to complete. In this test, the spacecraft carried out an off orbit combustion to get it out of the previous orbit, followed by a second combustion, which provided the spacecraft with the information needed to match the speed and rotation of Bennu. The last burn puts the spacecraft in the right position and adjusts its speed to match the rotation of the asteroid.

after these three steps, the spacecraft will eventually dive to the asteroid and grab samples from its surface. It is very dangerous to do so, because any mistake may lead to the complete destruction of Osiris Rex and bring the task to an abrupt end.

NASA’s inability to control the spacecraft in real time, or anything similar to it, made the exercise more complicated. It takes more than 15 minutes for the probe to pick up signals from earth, which means that when it’s time to collect, NASA will send instructions and then have to wait to see if the spacecraft performs as well as it did during the drill.

“in this exercise, many important systems have been exercised – from communications, spacecraft propulsion, and, most importantly, airborne natural feature tracking and guidance systems and hazard maps,” Dante Lauretta, lead researcher on the Osiris Rex mission, said in a statement. “Now that we have completed this milestone, we are confident that the procedure for the tag event will be finalized. This exercise confirmed that all systems of the team and spacecraft are ready to collect samples in October. ”

assuming that the spacecraft can succeed, it will eventually leave Bennu and return to earth. Scientists hope to eventually be able to examine debris from space rocks up close. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities