This is one of the core of Mohist school. As a member of various schools of thought, Mohist school takes the idea of “everyone loves me, I love everyone” as its dogma, and advocates that monarchs should reduce the conflicts arising from their own selfish desires, which has unique political attributes. However, in the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty “deposed all schools of thought and respected Confucianism only”. Mohist Thought never recovered until the end of Qing Dynasty. However, in the eyes of the world, in addition to its unique ideas, Mohist school has left behind a magic technology, mechanism technique. As one of the few schools of thought specialized in Natural Science in the pre Qin period, Mohist School’s achievements in mechanism and technique are still talked about by later generations. < / P > < p > not only are there often passages about Mohist mechanism technique in literary works, but also in movies, games and other works, the technology is often rendered supernatural. The mechanism City, equipment and soldiers seem to have the feeling of “cyberpunk” in ancient China. Is it really so magical in the history of Mohist mechanism? How did Mohist create “Gao Da”? For mechanism technique, many games have been involved, especially in domestic games, there are many works of mechanism playing, among which the most famous is Xuanyuan sword, one of the three swords made in China. < / P > < p > because the game adopts the setting that relies on history and ignores history, it is bolder and more unrestrained in some designs. Mechanism technique is one of the representatives. It is said that the ancient Shu state, which once flourished for a time, invented many strange and ingenious techniques, but later it died because of scientific research accidents. Mozi, Luban and Guiguzi jointly developed the mechanism technique by studying the literature of ancient Shu state. < p > < p > they use wood as material, small animals as driving force, silk thread as the center, controlled by sound and vibration, which is very delicate and practical, but at the same time, they are aware of the danger of this technology and seal it up. There was a disciple named shusangzi in Guiguzi. He not only learned this skill, but also made an army of government officials with great ambition, which set off a bloody storm in the Central Plains. Gradually, he found that only animals could drive these organs, so he tried his best to develop new energy sources. When shusangzi was young, he found a small piece of black metal in the ancient sacrificial temple in his hometown. This metal was part of the “black fire”. < p > < p > black fire is a kind of extremely violent energy. It was discovered by a young man named “Qi” in ancient Shu state. It was precisely because this young man wanted to integrate this energy into himself that he lost control, which led to the destruction of ancient Shu state. < / P > < p > with the blessing of black fire, the emergence of various complex mechanism “products” has become reasonable. For example, the mechanism house made by Bai Yu, a disciple of Mohist school, can be said to be a great master of mechanism skills, and its core energy is a “black fire cauldron”. However, it is difficult to control the black fire. Even Shu Sangzi, a gifted master of mechanism art, finally gave up using black fire as energy source and left a record to warn future generations not to touch it. < / P > < p > of course, the mechanism beasts in Xuanyuan sword are not all powered by black fire. For example, the mechanism dragon made by shusangzi is based on the “demon refining pot”, one of the top ten ancient artifacts in the game. It can not only rely on the dragon’s head to launch attacks, but also its body is empty, similar to a palace. Its ranking in the game is second only to Baiyu’s mechanism house mentioned above. < / P > < p > compared with conventional puzzle solving, this kind of puzzle related to mechanism technique is very interesting. It often expresses or implies some puzzle solving ideas to players. What’s more, it needs to understand the structure of mechanism design to solve the puzzle. Many good mechanism designs can’t help but exclaim “ingenious” after players solve the puzzles. < / P > < p > even the weapons used by some characters in the game also contain the design concept of mechanism technique. For example, in Xuanyuan sword 7, Mo Huang, the big boss in the main character’s rival camp “Li Jun”, uses a “mechanism name”. This weapon can not only carry out ordinary attacks, but also attract thunder and lightning. The left-hand armor can switch between the shield and the crossbow, although I don’t know What is the specific principle, but a stage of mohuang let many players headache. < / P > < p > however, compared with some mechanism soldiers and mechanism buildings, there are also some sci-fi mechanism products in the game, such as the black technology named “wooden armor technique (later evolved into” Yanshu “). < / P > < p > the works created by this technology are more realistic, and different from the mechanism technique which uses the natural force, the wooden armor technique is driven by magnetic force and controlled by magnetic tenon. For example, the “cloud Fox” which appeared in many works of Xuanyuan sword is not only as flexible as a real fox cat, but also can become a “Fox man” to fight after transformation and upgrading. < / P > < p > although the game has been rendered supernatural, as if the mechanism is omnipotent, some anti scientific operations directly nailed the coffin of Newton and other scientists, but does this mechanism really exist in reality? In fact, there is no evidence in the design of the mechanism from the history of the game. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Liezi Tang Wen, written by lieyukou, has recorded the mechanism technique. According to legend, King Mu of Zhou went to visit the West and climbed Yanshan mountain. On the way back, he ran into a man who called himself “Yanshi”. < p > < p > this man is good at “Yanshu” and performs for King Mu of Zhou with the singers and dancers made by him. The actions of the singers and dancers are no different from those of real people, and they also actively tease the concubines of King Mu. King Mu of Zhou thought it was Yanshi who cheated him with real people, and he was furious. But Yanshi took apart some of the singers and dancers. King Mu of Zhou found that all the bones, skin and even organs were fake. However, there is no truth in this strange story. After all, Liezi Tang Wen is a mythological classic, and most of the stories are the brain holes of our ancestors. Among them, the story of “stopping Chu attacking song” is the most famous. It is said that Lu Ban made a mechanism called “ladder” for the king of Chu to attack the city. The king of Chu was overjoyed and prepared to use his neighbor Song state to test the power of the ladder. After hearing the news, Mozi decided to go to the state of Chu and persuade him to give up the idea. After all, the Mohist Thought is “peace is supreme”. If you don’t want peace, they will help you peace by means of mechanism. < p > < p > the wooden kite, which can fly for one day, can detect the enemy’s situation, the mechanism puppet that can imitate the movements of one to ten, the highly lethal revolver and the crossbow vehicle, and the “vehicle” that can throw charcoal fire and cause large area AOE. These weapons, which are constructed by means of mechanism technology, directly press Luban on the ground, and finally Mozi successfully persuades the king of Chu (physical type) and avoids a war 。 Although Mozi is not a rigorous historical book, it records a part of the content of Mohist science, from today’s point of view, it is extremely reasonable. Among them, not only optics and mechanics are involved, but also many scientific principles such as pinhole imaging and lever principle are highly coincident with current science. Obviously, this part of Mozi is more like an academic book, so what is recorded in this book may not be true, but it has high credibility. Of course, there are also some works of mechanism technique. Although they seem to be unscientific, they are well documented. For example, in the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Song and others advocated the construction of “water transport instrument image platform”, which is a kind of mechanism that can accurately calculate the trajectory of celestial bodies and record the time at that time by relying on hydraulic operation Can be the direct ancestor of medieval European astronomical clocks. “. This instrument is not only ingenious in design, but also real, because Su Song recorded its complete design drawing and handed it down to later generations. It is very difficult for us to verify whether Mohist school really has the ability to create “Gao Da”. After all, it is very difficult to speculate on the thought at that time with today’s vision. However, it is undeniable that mechanism technique exists. It is the crystallization of ancient people’s wisdom. If you want to find out the power beyond nature and full of charm, maybe games and movies will be a good choice. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days