Tiktok’s ultimate destiny, reappears the variable. The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology recently revised and released the catalogue of China’s Technologies Prohibited from export and restricted by export, Xinhua reported. And “personalized information push service technology based on data analysis” was included in the list, < / P > < p > and just a few hours before the publication of the catalogue, few people doubted that tiktok would be forced to sell under the background that trump expelled and blocked tiktok on the ground of national security. CNBC and other media reported that tiktok transaction has entered the final stage. Within 48 hours, tiktok will choose a final buyer between Microsoft Wal Mart and Oracle. It is reported that tiktok will sell its business in the United States, Canada and New Zealand with a valuation range of US $20 billion to US $30 billion. The deal could be announced as early as next week. < / P > < p > based on the 2008 catalogue, this adjustment involves 53 technical items: 9 prohibited or restricted items are deleted; 23 restricted items are added; and the control points and technical parameters of 21 items are modified. < / P > < p > in addition to the “personalized information push service technology based on data analysis” clearly mentioned under the 15th item of the “directory” computer service industry, the AI interactive interface technology includes speech recognition technology, microphone array technology, voice wake-up technology, interactive understanding technology, etc., or it also involves byte hopping. < / P > < p > “the rapid development of byte skipping international business depends on its strong domestic technical support. It continuously provides the latest core algorithm services to overseas companies, which is a typical export of technical services… < / P > < p > it is suggested that byte skipping should carefully study the adjusted catalogue, seriously and carefully consider whether it is necessary to suspend the substantive negotiation of relevant transactions, perform the statutory declaration procedures, and then take further actions as the case may be. ” On the other hand, tiktok is also facing severe blockade by the U.S. government and pressure from competitors. This kind of encounter is also the epitome of Chinese enterprises in the United States under the background of the overall game upgrading between China and the United States in recent years and the general trend of science and technology war. On August 6, US Eastern time, trump issued an executive order, announcing that from September 20, any transaction involving the byte jumping of tiktok parent company and its subsidiaries will be prohibited. On the afternoon of August 7, byte skipping issued a statement saying that tiktok will exist for a long time, and if it is unfairly treated by the U.S. government, it will initiate a lawsuit against the executive order of the president. < p > < p > on August 25, byte skipping formally sued US President trump and popularized the US government. At the same time, byte skipping is preparing a “shutdown plan” to avoid the impact on the payment of employees’ salaries. < / P > < p > according to the data of byte skipping, tiktok has more than 100 million users and thousands of partners in the United States. In the first three months of this year, tiktok had 315 million downloads, more than any other app in history, according to sensor tower, an analyst firm. < / P > < p > that’s why tiktok has become Facebook’s biggest competitor. According to the report, Facebook has repeatedly mentioned the security risks of tiktok in various public and private occasions after the rapid launch of “tiktok” product reels, calling on the U.S. government to take practical action. < p > < p > according to previous reports by Bloomberg, no potential buyers or investors want to alienate tiktok’s 165 million U.S. users. < / P > < p > and at the moment of tiktok’s sale, China and the United States once again reached a consensus that tiktok’s value apart from massive users was discovered. As Kevin Roose, a New York Times Technology columnist, puts it, “algorithms are probably the most valuable asset the company has.”. < p > < p > the departure of TikTok Global CEO Mayer last week has further isolated Zhang Yiming on the board of directors. The increasingly dangerous global business, tiktok sales are suspended, waiting for Zhang Yiming is a more difficult future. Global Tech