When canoo came up with the concept of a car based on an “electric skateboard” a year ago, we didn’t expect the company to put it into practice. In the dusty scene, professional driver Sara price launched the ultimate test on the performance and function of the “skateboard platform”, and we were fascinated by the results. < / P > < p > as the “ultimate driving machine”, it has shed useless parts except chassis, power and control components. Thanks to the front and rear motors, it can output up to 500 HP. The integrated steer by wire system can provide accurate, adjustable and flexible digital steering response for drivers. < / P > < p > even so, canoo is equipped with a variety of necessary components for the platform, including steering, driving, lateral composite leaf spring suspension, body stability and crash energy absorption structure, so it can be easily modified to derive various body styles. < / P > < p > on a hard surfaced lake bed in rabbit dry lake, California, Sara price stepped on the switch to the bottom and carried out a comprehensive test of the car’s performance and function. < / P > < p > she said the car has amazing driving pleasure, not only powerful but also smooth dynamic handling performance, especially when cornering at high speed. Although steering by wire is a bit novel for her, it feels like she was born for the track. < / P > < p > as for whether canoo will provide all-weather reservation service in the future, it is not known at present. However, the company does say that the chassis can support three-quarters of the current passenger / light commercial vehicles on the road, and the supercar is also planned. Ulrich Kranz, CEO of canoo, explained that the chassis platform would enable them to launch a full range of electric vehicles to the market quickly, economically and efficiently. < / P > < p > the flat chassis packaging design also helps canoo maximize the ride / load space while maintaining a compact footprint. The transverse double wishbone suspension with glass fiber leaf spring also helps to reduce the height of the wheel and the whole vehicle. < / P > < p > canoo is expected to launch its first “people mover” in 2022. Then, in 2023, the company also plans to launch vehicles that meet the “last mile” travel needs, and finally the high-performance sports car option. Global Tech