“Double 11” Carnival is still continuing, always low-key Netease strict election but loudly announced not to play. In the announcement, Netease Yan Xuan said: “what we want to withdraw is the” double 11 “which advocates excessive consumption and revels in sales figures.” Strict election of Netease said that this year’s “double 11” will not do complex preferential games, do not send war reports, and will not hold a celebration meeting for sales; however, it also publicizes that “it has solved the biggest subsidy for you in the whole year.”. < p > < p > netizens have different opinions on Netease’s “no play” Manifesto. Some netizens said, “very good, like this kind of simple point”, “strict selection is indeed a stream of e-commerce industry”; but some netizens said, “actually, there is no exit when they say that they want to quit. Waiting for hot search on this line, alternative marketing also stepped on enemy E-commerce by the way.” “it’s exit, but the result is not marketing.”. < p > < p > regardless of the real purpose of Netease’s strict exit from double 11, the 11 year double 11 has now been coerced by complex playing methods and routines. < / P > < p > the old problems still exist, such as complex promotion rules, greasy price concessions, too many activity routines, and poor logistics services. At the same time, with the rapid development of new modes and formats of online consumption, some new contradictions and new problems, such as live delivery with goods, merchants’ cutting orders, and deposit trap, are emerging On the black cat complaint platform, there were 15574 complaints with the keyword of “double eleven”. < / P > < p > double 11 “those word games that incite human nature, all pervasive business signals, and constantly refreshing hand cutting data” are gradually pulling you into the consumption trap. Different from previous years, this year’s double 11 Carnival came earlier and has a longer cycle. Since October 21, the e-commerce platform has opened the prelude of pre-sale. During the event, businesses promote their products in the form of “reducing the amount of deposit” or “expanding the deposit”. After the consumer pays the deposit, if the balance is not paid within the specified time, the platform will automatically close the order and cancel the transaction, but the deposit will not be returned to the consumer. Even if you make a deposit early and take part in the double 11 activities, you can’t guarantee that what you buy is the cheapest during the double 11. < / P > < p > “I got a pair of earphones a long time ago, but the price was quite expensive. I hesitated to buy them until the double 11. When I paid the deposit to prepare the closing payment, I found that the coupon for the deposit was changed and could not be used. Finally, the amount paid was nearly 100 yuan more than that advertised! And I still have to buy it, because it’s a deposit, not a deposit, and it’s not refundable. Isn’t it bullying consumers? ” Xiao Min (pseudonym) is not satisfied with the deposit mechanism of double eleven. < / P > < p > it is no stranger to many people to rise first and then to fall and rise in the light and dark. It has appeared since the birth of “double 11” and other major promotion activities. A black cat complained to Sina technology that on November 1, he bought the charging head in the advance sale of tmall. The pre-sale price of the activity was 52, but there is no normal price of 32. This is a fraudulent activity of increasing the price first and then reducing the price. < / P > < p > during the “double 11” period, various e-commerce companies played promotion cards, such as second kill, discount, red envelope, coupons, direct reduction of advance deposit, etc., which made great efforts to stimulate consumers to place orders. However, some commodities have changed their “status” secretly, and businesses have played the routine of “rising first and then falling”. Many consumers don’t always pay attention to real-time prices, so many people are trapped in price traps and think that they have benefited. < / P > < p > many consumers are attracted by the “sugar coated cannonball” of the double 11. They buy a lot of things they don’t need during the pre-sale, but they start to give up when they finish the payment. If they don’t pay the final payment at this time, according to the rules of the platform, the deposit will be gone. If you really don’t want to buy, you can apply for a full refund after paying the balance, but the freight may have to be borne by yourself.

Jia Wen (alias) Tucao said he had several commodities that he wanted to make complaints about immediately after he paid the bill, but found that the payment could not be applied that night, and could only be returned by second days morning, and the second day delivery had arrived. After that, they have to choose to reject or apply for 7 days to return goods without reason. Jiawen said helplessly, “we don’t give you the time to return the goods, so you have to pay the freight if you want to return the goods later.” < / P > < p > some businesses launch activities such as special price restriction and consumption cash back, but in fact, the commodity page shows that 100 items of special price goods are limited to purchase, and the top 100 users who place orders will receive cash back. Many netizens said that even with the fastest speed to place an order, it is not the “top 100” users in the business mouth, so they can not get cash back. < / P > < p > in addition, the after-sales service of many businesses for special price goods is also shrinking. Most of the special discount commodities do not enjoy 7 days’ return without reason, and applying for return and replacement will become a long process of wrangling. < / P > < p > live e-commerce is a popular way of promotion in recent years. In particular, affected by the epidemic situation this year, live delivery with goods has developed rapidly. With the characteristics of low-cost goods, super interaction, intuitive experience and online celebrity effect, it is more and more popular with consumers. This year’s “double 11”, live delivery with goods is also the main promotion mode of various e-commerce platforms. However, the live broadcast platform is not perfect in the content audit mechanism and supervision management, which is prone to problems such as the inconsistency between the products and the actual publicity (false publicity), exaggerated product performance, untrue lowest price of the whole network, difficult to guarantee the quality of goods, endless fake and shoddy goods, inadequate after-sales service, and difficulty in consumer rights protection. < / P > < p > “according to the provisions on Prohibition of price fraud, business operators who sell goods and provide paid services, make up the original price, make up the reason for price reduction, make false preferential discount, and falsely claim to deceive others to buy by means of price reduction or price increase shall be deemed as price fraud.” < p > < p > in view of the problem that e-commerce platforms rise first and then decline, Wang Beibei, senior equity partner of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, told Sina technology that when e-commerce platform merchants carry out similar promotion activities, if they first make up a higher original price, and then reduce the price based on the increased price during the promotion activities, the price reduction range of goods is expanded in disguise, and the price is manufactured for consumers A feeling of greater discount. This may infringe on consumers’ right to know. In Wang Beibei’s opinion, e-commerce platform routines such as “rising first and then falling” and “hard work but not flattering” to grab red envelopes often make consumers play around, while businesses are secretly enjoying themselves behind their backs. Although the normal profit seeking behavior is justifiable, if these e-commerce routines are suspected of illegal marketing and cheating consumers, they should be resisted. < p > < p > on the issue of deposit, well-known lawyer and legal blogger @ talk about Dian’s views. Guo Xiaoming said that the deposit is a legal guarantee method and is subject to the “deposit penalty”. If the delivery party defaults, the deposit will be lost; if the receiver defaults, the deposit will be returned twice. However, if the agreement is “deposit”, it is generally handled according to the advance payment. If the delivery party defaults, it can get back the deposit. Consumers in advance payment, need to look carefully to avoid unnecessary losses. < / P > < p > “if the e-commerce platform or the merchant cancels the order after the consumer pays the deposit, in this case, the e-commerce platform or the merchant is in breach of the contract. According to the penalty for the deposit, the e-commerce platform or merchant needs to return the deposit twice. If the loss caused by the cancellation of the order is greater than the double deposit, the consumer can also ask the merchant or platform to compensate for the difference. ” In response to the problem of frequent end payment after the recent advance deposit, Guo Xiaoming said consumers can seek compensation. < / P > < p > in terms of the return and exchange of special commodities that we are most concerned about, Guo Xiaoming, a lawyer, said that whether it is a special price or an activity commodity, the preferential price is the concession of the merchant to the commodity price, but the quality of the commodity itself is still subject to the provisions on unreasonable return and exchange. If the merchant obstructs the return and exchange of goods, it is an act that infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. There are so many double 11 routines that even CCTV can’t sit still this time. CCTV news calls for less news on double 11 to rush into hot search, pointing out that the complicated rules of double 11 can’t damage the “balance payer”. < / P > < p > from the perspective of businesses and platforms, it is no fault that rules are complex, you can sell more goods and earn more money. However, if there are too many routines, people will be deterred; if they don’t, consumers will be disappointed. < / P > < p > as CCTV news said, both businesses and platforms should be more sincere. If they should make profits, they should be generous. Never turn calculation into calculation. < / P > < p > November 11 is approaching, and the second wave of consumption climax is coming. Consumers must avoid low price trap, refuse impulse consumption, and guard against all kinds of routines and traps in promotion. At the same time, we hope that major e-commerce companies will be more sincere and less routine, so that consumers can enjoy real benefits. After all, it’s not easy for workers to earn money, are they? Global Tech