The double 11 front has been lengthened, and the e-commerce platform has changed the original one-day “Bachelor’s Day” into a three-day “nunchakus”. As a result, consumers have a longer time to pay the final payment, and fewer consumers complain that they can’t get the goods. However, for some popular and restricted products, or low-cost goods in online live broadcasting room, “one piece is hard to find” is the norm faced by most consumers. As a result, the generation of robbery, the generation of shooting services, and even “shooting software” auxiliary. However, according to a survey conducted by China Singapore Jingwei reporters, it is found that there is a great risk of personal information leakage from such services. What is more, it is necessary to point out that the research and development and sales of “snap shooting software” have violated the law. < p > < p > in order to rush to buy the peripheral products of a star that was sold in the early morning of November 3, the reporter of Zhongxin Jingwei contacted pan pan (pseudonym), a seller who said that he could provide double 11 generation grabbing and acting shooting services on a second-hand trading platform. According to pan pan pan, the mobile phone number of the consumer needs to be provided, and the verification code is sent to her. She can log in. In addition, she also needs to provide the city and District address that is often online. It is better for consumers to put the products to be photographed in their favorites, which can be directly placed in the shopping cart. The receiving address is generally the default receiving address. “After I grab it, your account will show the status of payment to be paid. You can pay within 15 minutes. If you grab a single, you need to pay me 15 yuan. If you can’t grab it, there will be no charge.” Another seller, Zheng Zheng (not his real name), told Zhongxin Jingwei that he helped others shoot and rob goods all the year round. Zheng Zheng sent the process shows that the user must provide the platform account number and password to him, after shooting, the user can pay himself. “I need to log in to your account 10 minutes before the sale. Of course, I can also use my account to shoot, and you can pay for it. However, this form does not support return and exchange.” Zheng Zheng said, “the price of acting for robbing depends on what is robbed. Generally, the price of these clothes on e-commerce platforms costs 10 yuan for a single, and increases by 5 yuan for a single when double 11 is used. However, these are all done by the way. The real money makers are still robbing Maotai and folding screen mobile phones. At most, they can earn 5000 yuan for one order. ” At the same time, Zheng Zheng also said that business was not so good because of the more days of double 11 this year and the time of centralized goods snatching. “Recently, there are a lot of orders for others to rob Huawei’s new mobile phones and Maotai liquor.” < / P > < p > the reporter from Zhongxin Jingwei has noticed that there are also some sellers who provide shooting and robbing services for Li Jiaqi and Weiya. The seller Xiaobai said: “the auction fee is 5 yuan for a single order, and 10 yuan for a single order after 0:00. Write the user’s address. The goods will not pass me and will be refunded if they can’t grab them.” < / P > < p > why can pan pan pan help users to shoot and rob on behalf of their mobile phone numbers and verification codes? Pan Pan said that the shooting and robbing services they provided were completed through software. According to pan pan, there are two kinds of software for grabbing orders: Android and computer. Android can be sold for 200 yuan, and “you don’t sell how much money the computer gives.”. < / P > < p > “the software can submit an order to the system 8 times within 1 second. It is more likely to use the software than to grab by hand, but it is not guaranteed that it can be snatched. And grab the same product, the more accounts you use, the higher the probability, that is to log in multiple accounts on the software to grab the same product. ” Pan Pan said that after obtaining the user’s mobile phone number and verification code, she can view the account’s shopping cart, receiving address and other information from the software. < p > < p > subsequently, the reporter of China New Zealand Jingwei sent the mobile phone number and a platform link of the above-mentioned star peripheral products to Panpan. It was not long before the reporter received the verification code. “It’s already on the phone,” says pan Shortly after the early morning of November 3, the surrounding area of one of the above-mentioned stars had been shown to be in a payment status, and Pan Pan said that “it has been photographed.”. < / P > < p > Zhongxin Jingwei (micro signal: jwview) has previously reported that there are many kinds of substitute robbing software on the market. The price of this kind of software ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. Generally speaking, it is necessary to purchase activation card separately. For example, there are two kinds of robbing software on the market that need to be operated on the computer, named nameless and MK, which are both priced at 250 yuan; and the other two are mainly operated on mobile phones, which are called Android assistant and Taobao assistant, with prices of 588 yuan. < / P > < p > different softwares have different activation card prices according to their functions. For example, nameless can only grab a private mall with two mobile phone brands, and the operation is relatively simple. It can activate the weekly card for 25 yuan, the monthly card for 55 months, and the quarterly card for 135 yuan. The MK function is relatively powerful, which can not only rob the private mall of mobile phone brands, but also grab several mainstream e-commerce platforms. < p > < p > in the process of interview and experience, Zhongxin Jingwei reporters have found that there is a great risk of personal information leakage. Users need to provide the e-commerce platform account number, password, mobile phone number and other information to the seller. After the seller logs in to the account, he can check the delivery address, name and other personal information. Name of ID number, address, telephone number, etc., Xu Juan, a lawyer at

Kenting law firm in Zhejiang, told reporters in the Southern Metropolis Daily that using seckill shot was a risk of personal information leakage. Once the personal information is leaked, it will be faced with various harassment phone calls and promotional messages, or even be used by criminals, which will lead to problems such as account theft and swindle in telecommunication network, which will cause great hidden danger to the safety of consumers’ property. ” < p > < p > the economic investigation team of Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau has issued a public notice: consumers should choose legal and regular websites when shopping online, and try not to use unofficial plug-in software of seckiller as far as possible. To strengthen their own protection, install anti-virus software in the computer and update the virus library in time. At the same time, open the real-time protection function, and regularly check and kill trojan virus on the computer. < / P > < p > the police said that in order to auction through the “online shopping second kill device”, users must input the bank account and password in advance, and then use the second killing device to make payment after the second killing is successful. The seckill computer seckill is seclled on the Alipay killer hijacking Trojan horse, or directly disguised as a spike by Trojan horse program, with “free seckill, fast seckill” and other promotional contents, lure users to click on the installation package that is bundled by virus trojan, which causes computer poisoning to users, and is implanted in remote control, Internet banking and viruses, leading to the bank eventually. Card information leakage, card funds were stolen by criminals. < / P > < p > a lawyer who didn’t want to be named also told Zhongxin Jingwei that this kind of rush purchase software interferes with and destroys the normal operation order and operation effect of online shopping platform by means of intruding computer programs. The production and sales behaviors have violated relevant laws, and may also disclose users’ privacy. < p > < p > according to Shanxi daily, on October 10, 2018, the first typical case of conviction and sentencing for providing intrusion and illegal control of computer information system procedures and tools was selected among the top ten top-quality public prosecution cases published by Shanxi provincial Procuratorate on October 10, 2018. < / P > < p > it is reported that in this case, the relevant personnel developed a software to quickly kill Xiaomi mobile phones on tmall, so as to promote profits. The day after tomorrow cat platform found that a software use of traffic is much higher than the ordinary flow, after a period of observation, it made an alarm. Finally, three suspect after 85 were sentenced. According to the report, < p > < p > the investigation found that the scalper flash purchase software in the above-mentioned cases can avoid or break through the security protection measures of the computer information system of shopping websites, realize automatic machine login, automatic batch order and automatic payment, seize the order request of other normal users, and finally snap up the second-hand goods. In other words, this kind of rush purchase can be completed by sending tasks directly to the server. The normal users click the button on the browser or mobile phone client to complete the operation. < p > < p > in addition, according to the Legal Daily in August 2019, in the “net 2019” special operation, Ali security assisted Nantong Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province to successfully kill a gang involved in the production and sale of the cattle software hiroot, with a total amount of more than 10 million yuan. “Rule of law daily” reported that after the software runs, users only need to manually complete the verification of the slider of the e-commerce platform to automatically place orders and kill products in seconds. Because of its novel criminal techniques, the case was listed as a ministry supervisor case by the Ministry of public security. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States