The small yellow car of ofo has not been seen in the street for a long time. But just a few days ago, Ms. Zhou’s wechat account was suddenly deducted 52 yuan. Inexplicably, she checked and found that it was the ofo quarterly card that was automatically renewed. This button makes Ms. Zhou laugh and cry. Ms. Zhou said that in fact, as early as March and June this year, she had received SMS notification of the renewal of the ofo season card. < / P > < p > because there was no balance in the wechat account at that time, the automatic deduction was not successful. Ms. Zhou thinks that since ofo is no longer in operation, there is no need to pay attention to the SMS. To her surprise, because there was a transfer in wechat account recently, the automatic deduction of ofo quarterly card was successful on September 4. When the deduction notice was sent to her mobile phone, Ms. Zhou was completely confused. Ms.

first called the phone on the renewal SMS, and found that the number was empty. She tried to contact the ofo side through WeChat official account and small program, and neither received the response of the other party. Finally, she contacted the wechat customer service and learned that the automatic renewal function of her ofo season card was opened through wechat, so she quickly asked the customer service personnel to cancel it for herself. Wechat said it would contact ofo, but Ms. Zhou has not received a reply so far. < / P > < p > “in today’s small yellow cart software, you can’t find a port that can unbind the automatic deduction, but it has completely become a shopping software. The deposit has not been refunded. It has been forcibly transferred to the shopping account, and the contact number has become empty. The automatic renewal function has not been cancelled. Is this way of making money too much? ” Ms. Zhou said angrily. < / P > < p > after logging into the ofo software, the reporter found that it was really impossible to find the access port for unbundling the bicycle card. Even the “view deposit” entrance once displayed on the home page disappeared. Users who did not return the deposit could no longer check the progress of their deposit refund. The reporter repeatedly dialled the ofo customer service number, all showed that the call failed; through the ofo software to contact the online customer service inquiry, the software automatically replied “the current number of people queuing up for consultation is 127783, please wait patiently”, and then no specific response has been received. Skip to content