“We do have too many details to do well.” Three months later, on the knight’s day on December 17, Liu Xinyang, vice president of hungry, said. Whether it is the systemic problems of the industry or the competitive dilemma of the market share crisis, for those who try to get the answers to these questions, nothing can be obtained here. < / P > < p > Wang Lei, President of Ali local life (Kunyang), talked about three directions for riders: safety, happiness and development. As always, it’s official and general. Liu Xinyang revealed the subtle actions after the system storm, “so far, we have held 47 Knight exchange meetings to understand the voice of the blue knight and think about how to do more to help the blue knight.” < / P > < p > the previous week, Ali’s local life was restructured. Wu Zeming, former president of Alibaba Group’s new retail technology business group, will also serve as chief technology officer (CTO) of Alibaba local life, reporting to Cheng Li, CTO of Alibaba group, and Wang Lei, President of local life. Wang Zhirong, former head of ant intelligent engine technology business group, and Li Tianmin, now head of application engineering technology of new retail search recommendation business group, will also be transferred to local business to report to Wu Zeming 。 < / P > < p > the head of public relations of hungry Yao told Hu olfy that this is the annual rotation of senior executives, not only for word-of-mouth, integration of hungry Yao, but also for investment in technology. As for the takeaway system, Liu Xinyang emphasized “original intention” many times in the interview.

, whether local life is binding with Alipay from 2019, is the latest choice for Ali new retail and ant technology line executives. Ali’s attitude towards investing in local life and investment sources has never changed. But compared to takeout, it has been stable and profitable. < / P > < p > under the fierce competition, the unreasonable assessment system of only speed and efficiency; the product defects of loose connection among consumers, merchants and riders; the emergency mechanism of low communication efficiency in emergency; the nameless security system of riders, etc. < / P > < p > the first is to iterate and optimize the business process. For example, in the past, knights could not contact users, and users asked knights to change their addresses. Knights had no way to operate, and the platform did not provide help. Now the platform settings allow knights to readjust the delivery address of consumers and recalculate the expected delivery time. < / P > < p > the second is to strengthen the ability of technology, algorithm and product. For example, when riders encounter difficulties, do they have to deal with them manually, mechanically or systematically? There needs to be a lot of technology investment behind this matter, just like calculating which rider gives a reasonable order. Only when the system judges more accurately can the operation efficiency be improved. The third is assessment and income. Knight wants to get satisfied income by delivering delivery, but rider’s order overtime will affect rider’s rating. The platform assessment is too harsh, which directly affects their income. “It will also make a lot of riders suffer a psychological blow, which is what the platform does not want to see.” According to the plan, the order by order assessment is adjusted to periodic assessment, and the level of the next cycle is evaluated according to the overall punctual delivery rate in a certain cycle. < / P > < p > Liu Xinyang believes that the most difficult of the three is technology. “If the delivery time accuracy can be increased by 5%, the platform can reduce a lot of bad customer experience and complaints.” Internally, the system and process design are constantly matched with the real working environment of knight, but many problems need to be solved by higher technical means, so it needs continuous investment and try to solve. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the balance among consumers, businesses and users is to ensure effective communication among them through reasonable processes, improve the efficiency of connectivity through technical means, and finally make assessment and income more flexible. “It’s more about the platform’s role, rather than letting Knights play games with consumers and businesses.” < / P > < p > “the remedial work for consumers is that the platform undertakes more responsibilities.” He said that a very important indicator of business assessment is the accuracy of duration calculation. < / P > < p > for hummingbird, there is a huge investment in itself and technology, which should correspond to a larger business coverage. However, from delivering delivery to delivering everything, the slogan of hummingbird has changed and its positioning has become more and more vague. < p > < p > at present, the main component of Alibaba’s delivery system is its own instant delivery system, and the same is its own delivery system. In addition, even if you are hungry, the community group buying that you tried in July has finally become the business of HEMA (HEMA preferred). Even if the box horse consumers are mostly Internet white-collar workers, it does not match the sinking market users of community group buying. < / P > < p > “since the independence of hummingbird brand in June 2019, the positioning of hummingbird in local life and the whole Ali has not changed. We need to do infrastructure for local life and new retail business.” Liu Xinyang said. < / P > < p > for industries with low entry threshold, personnel mobility is bound to be great. Therefore, the professionalization of the distribution industry and the observability of the rider’s salary are the methods to improve the rider retention rate of the platform. < / P > < p > to improve the path of rider’s career construction, such as delivery boy’s “license” online appointment distributor, through obtaining the professional skill level certificate sealed by the national management department, the rider gets the social professional identity. < / P > < p > “before I watched the takeaway deliver meals, I think a soldier who was once so honored would not do such a thing. After I did it, my parents also advised me that it’s better to go home than to run out all the time. There’s a Foxconn next to my home. ” Xi’an rider Feng Tianlei said. < / P > < p > at present, Hangzhou is experimenting with online appointment of delivery workers. The skill evaluation standard is provided by Hupan University and Alibaba together, and the occupation level is determined by the government. < / P > < p > higher vocational skill certification corresponds to better social security incentives. There are two advantages to the professional certification of online contract delivery workers: one is that they can get a one-time subsidy of more than 1000 yuan from the government; the other is that they can get bonus points in the point policy of settling down in Hangzhou. < / P > < p > riders can be divided into full-time riders and part-time riders. The former takes delivery as the main business, while the latter only runs in their spare time. There is a big difference in income between the two. At the scene, full-time cyclist Feng Tianlei revealed that he could earn 15000 yuan a month in 2018. “Now I’m a team leader with a higher income.” < / P > < p > but this rider is very special. He used to be a soldier, and loved to run marathons. The soldier’s sense of responsibility and hard-working spirit were different from ordinary people. In addition, taking delivery could give consideration to his career and hobbies, which made him get a stable high income. In addition, his self driving force is also beyond people’s reach. After retiring from the army, he passed the self-study examination and got the college diploma of Northwest University of political science and law. During the distribution time, he would also take earphones, listen to the music, watch litchi videos, take courses in management, economics, and so on, and continue to study. < / P > < p > in the past, orders for knights were concentrated in two hours at noon, “and the king’s glory will begin after two o’clock in the afternoon”. Now, after two o’clock, we can deliver milk tea, cakes and other afternoon tea orders, and after dinner time, there are supper orders. The weekend also changed from centralized orders to scattered orders from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. < / P > < p > with the change of order structure, the skill requirements of riders also change. If the distance order is more than 3 km, it will be delivered by the same city riders, motorcycles or even four wheeled vehicles. When distributing orders, the platform will label the riders according to their skills and let them deliver the orders they are good at. < p > < p > Liu Xinyang revealed that from the beginning of this year, hummingbird’s assessment of riders has changed from overtime to Knight delivery service quality composed of several indicators, two of which are customer complaint rate and praise rate. < / P > < p > but in essence, the platform is used to show the efficient and shortening delivery speed, which is the root of the compressed delivery time of take away riders. Just to adapt to the efficient distribution of consumers, it is difficult to give up their time to show tolerance to riders. < / P > < p > riders have to sacrifice safety in order to get high efficiency. The problem of takeaway system still deserves deep reflection of the platform. Are you hungry? What do you think and how do you deal with it? < / P > < p > in the answer to Hu olfactory, Liu Xinyang put “initial intention” in the first place. “First of all, I think it’s about the original intention. No matter what the problem is, we should be clear about the starting point.” < / P > < p > he said that the starting point of hungry and hummingbird is to treat the rider as a customer, which means adhering to the spirit of customer first and looking at the rider’s problems. No matter what the problem is, the most important thing is to be down-to-earth. “How to be down-to-earth in this matter? I think the first is to face this issue head-on, and the second is to be willing to try to solve every problem and make it a problem that is not a problem. ” < / P > < p > on December 13, senior executives of Alibaba group took over the local life technology line due to the high-level changes in Ali’s local life. The three technical executives will improve their products from what aspects, break through the internal barriers of word-of-mouth and hungry, and the person in charge of public relations of hungry answered this question. < / P > < p > she said that this is the rotation that Ali has at this time of the year. This time, it is the CTO of the local life technology line. The participation of the group’s technical personnel not only plays a role in integration, but also makes the local life stronger from the technical level. Problems such as positioning can be solved through technical means. < / P > < p > “the change of technology CTO does not mean the integration of word-of-mouth and hungry. Since the brand upgrade in July, word-of-mouth and hungry have been integrated. Many life services of word-of-mouth can be seen on hungry app. Compared with two years ago, the integration has made great progress.” < / P > < p > since the company became the Ali department in 2018, the former senior executives of the company have left one after another, and the senior executives of the Ali department have gradually taken over. The share of hungry takeout is declining day by day. Wang Lei, the new helmsman, has become a joke in the industry. In the topic of Kunyang (Wang Lei, CEO of hungry Yao) and Baiqi (Li Yangdong, former vice president of local life), grassroots employees are always hard to say. < / P > < p > hungry and word-of-mouth employees confirmed the seriousness of internal barriers to local life to Huchou. Hungry employees can’t see “aliwei” (the internal community where Ali employees communicate), system permissions are not aligned, ranks are not aligned, internal discrimination chain is obvious, aligroup > word of mouth & gt; hungry employees. “Hungry? Employees are not even as good as outsourcing.” A hungry employee told tiger sniff. Global Tech