The Russian caviar brand, known for its extreme luxury, has just announced a limited edition of the iPhone 12 pro (max) customized machine based on the warrior accessory style. To meet the aesthetic needs of different customers, caviar launched six shape options in one go, with prices ranging from $5500 to $46460 (about 36000-309500 RMB). < / P > < p > caviar also selected precious, durable and valuable materials for the Warrior series iPhone 12 pro (max), including titanium, gold, colored marble, ruby, wolf skin, Damascus, etc. < / P > < p > as one of the most expensive items in the series, the emperor’s version is in black / gold, and the tip of the sword is very recognizable from the top down (the relic dates back to 325 A.D.). The Zulfikar version also uses pear shaped ruby to simulate the blood dripping effect, while the Vikings version uses a combination of titanium back cover and wolf skin, which reminds people of the wild ancient armor. < p > < p > samurai’s design style is similar to Viking’s, but Knight’s version is more reserved. In addition, Assassin’s version uses blood stained red enamel and titanium on the sword tip. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities