This year’s sudden epidemic has made the already popular “fitness ring adventure” more popular all over the world. Before this game has been introduced into the Tencent by the domestic market, the price is also quite awesome. How did the game player feel? Recently, CCTV reported the reporter’s feelings on the trial of NS game “fitness ring adventure”. We can see that although the reporter said that she was playing the game for the first time, she had made quite good achievements, with an average score of 99 points or even a good score of 100 points in a number of fitness projects. CCTV reporters also mentioned that the fitness game “fitness ring” is very popular among young people, and the company leaders said that they were very optimistic about the prospect of fitness ring in the Chinese market, so they would constantly optimize the hardware performance and software ecology of the device. < / P > < p > of course, many users also said after seeing such reports that compared with the game itself, the screen of CCTV beauty reporter when trying to play the game is more eye-catching. You should have appearance and beauty, and you should have body shape… < / P > < p > in “fitness ring adventure”, you can take risks in the fantasy world and exercise at the same time; at various levels And use “fitness skills” to fight the enemy. The game also includes modes that can be easily played in a short period of time, including a variety of small games, simple exercise mode for specific parts, etc. After exercise, you can also measure your heart rate and see how much time, calories and other training results have been spent, and enjoy every day of exercise. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen