Some time ago, cdpr parent company CD

Projekt internal system was hacked, resulting in the company’s data was stolen. Faced with the threat of hackers, the government did not choose to bow down, so hackers began to peddle the stolen data on the Internet. Current CD

Projekt is trying to prevent the spread of stolen code from games such as cyberpunk 2077 and wizard 3. One way they do this is to issue DMCA notices.


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According to vice, on February 18, two Twitter users received a notice from DMCA that their tweets about “kunt of the wizard” had been deleted, and at least one of the tweets contained a link to download the game’s source code.

According to the previous official disclosure, the game related data stolen from CD Projekt involved cyberpunk 2077, wizard’s kunt card, wizard 3: hunting and “Wizard 3: hunting” unpublished version.

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