Not long ago, Sony removed cyberpunk 2077 from PS mall, and cdpr official micro also issued a statement, saying that “after discussion with Playstation, we both agreed to temporarily release the digital version of cyberpunk 2077 in PS mall.”. However, the foreign media found that the boss of cdpr seemed to have a lot of complaints about Sony’s removal of cyberpunk 2077. He praised the tweets of the players criticizing Sony’s removal of 2077 on twitter. After being found, he cancelled all the praise < / P > < p > Adam Badowski, the boss of cdpr studio and the game director of cyberpunk 2077, was spotted by VGC and praised the tweet released on Friday criticizing Sony’s decision to take cyberpunk 2077 off the shelves. He tweeted seven like this. < / P > < p > one of the tweets criticized Sony’s decision to take the game off the shelves as ridiculous. This tweet said: “this game is still playable. As far as I know, it’s actually a very good game. Why don’t you wait for them to release some patches and updates?” < / P > < p > the third tweet praised by badowski even criticized the marvel Avengers alliance. The first launch of this game was also disastrous, and asked why Sony didn’t make a decision on this se The game takes a similar move. < / P > < p > “it’s so funny,” the marvel Avengers “went on sale worse than” 2077, “and you didn’t do anything. With the exception of bad code, marvel Avengers is dead on all platforms, and online games no longer exist. What about those people’s refunds? They’re next. ” < / P > < p > another tweet badowski likes encourages players who bought 2077 not to refund: “I want to tell everyone who bought the game not to refund. Cdpr will fix these errors. All the wizarding games are rubbish, too. When they come out, look at them now. ” < / P > < p > for the removal of cyberpunk 2077, although it seems that both sides have issued a “consensus statement”, it seems that there is another story behind this appearance. < / P > < p > Mike rose, founder of no more robots, a game publisher, tweeted last Friday that Sony’s decision to take cyberpunk 2077 off the shelves may be retaliation for cdpr’s proposal to refund PS4 / xboxone players. CPPR’s proposal to refund players obviously violates Sony’s refund policy. < / P > < p > “it’s very likely that the day CDP started telling people to go for a refund, Sony immediately contacted cdpr and said something like [if you tell people that we need to take your game out of the mall] and so on. Then cdpr agreed slowly and reluctantly. < / P > < p > of course I don’t know the details of this, but it’s really possible. The biggest taboo of this matter is that without prior negotiation with Sony, it violates Sony’s policy, and then crowd out Sony’s customer service. ” < / P > < p > on December 14, cdpr issued a statement of apology, advising players to refund and encouraging them to contact Sony and Microsoft. Shortly after the announcement, many players responded that Sony and Microsoft refused to refund cyberpunk 2077. Sony and Microsoft didn’t reach a special agreement on the cdpr game, and then said they didn’t reach an agreement in advance. < p > < p > on December 18, Sony took the lead in issuing a statement, announcing that cyberpunk 2077 will be removed from the PS mall, and all players who have bought the game from the PS mall can refund the full price. < / P > < p > on December 19, Microsoft issued a statement, announcing “expanding the existing refund policy”, promising that players who bought “cyberpunk 2077” from Microsoft mall can refund the full amount of money, but without taking off the Xbox version of “cyberpunk 2077”, players can still buy it. < / P > < p > Mike Rose: many people seem to have misunderstandings about 2077 being removed from the PS mall while other buggy games are not. In the past week, cdpr has been telling people to go to PS for refund, which is obviously against the policy of PS mall, which also makes Sony super angry. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days