Cement used to build concrete sewer systems around the world does a good job of helping clean our waste, but there are also shortcomings. Scientists in Australia have developed a new cement free solution that they believe will better address the erodibility of these materials and help avoid troublesome fat build-up, which will increase the cost of use. < / P > < p > the new cementless concrete was developed by scientists from RMIT University in Australia, where we have seen many innovative ways to produce reinforced concrete. These include the reuse of steel slag as concrete aggregate and the processing of building debris into new road materials, and now RMIT scientists are turning to free lime. < / P > < p > this chemical compound is widely used in the production of ordinary portland cement, but it also makes it vulnerable to corrosion in the highly acidic environment of the sewer system. In addition, residual lime seeps out of the concrete and contributes to the formation of fatty masses, i.e. oil, fat and non biodegradable material, which can accumulate to several tons and block the pipes. < p > < p > < p > & quot; the durability of concrete sewers in the world has long been a problem, said Dr. Rajeev roychand, who led the study. &Up to now, there is still a large gap in the development of environmental protection materials to protect sewers from corrosion and lipoma. But we’ve created concrete that’s protective, strong and environmentally friendly – the perfect trio. &Roychand and his team used manufacturing byproducts to combine nano silica with fly ash, slag and hydrated lime to produce their new cement-free concrete. In tests, the team found that the strength standard of its concrete exceeded the strength standard required for sewage pipes, and the unique mixture greatly increased the service life. < / P > < p > & quot; our zero cement concrete achieves multiple advantages: it’s environmentally friendly, reduces concrete corrosion by 96% and completely eliminates residual lime that helps form fat, says roychand. &With further development, our zero cement concrete can be made into concrete that is completely acid resistant. "Global Tech