In an interview Friday, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney denounced Apple’s and Google’s respective app store policies, saying both companies’ strategies impede innovation. On CNBC’s squawk alley show, Sweeney called Apple’s app store an “absolute monopoly” and pointed out that the tech giant would take a 30% share of in app purchases and transactions.

Epic Games’ current hot product fortress night has generated a lot of cash and has been leading the app store and Google play.

Sweeney said: “Apple has established an absolute monopoly on software sales and profitability, thus locking in and weakening the ecosystem.” In addition, he added: “if every developer can accept his own payment and avoid paying 30% tax to apple and Google, then we can distribute the savings to all consumers and players and get better prices. Then there will be economic competition. ”

However, according to the CEO, Apple has adopted a strategy to ban third-party app stores, including the Epic Games store.

epic platform was launched on MacOS and windows in 2018 as a more cost-effective alternative to the dominant app store. Unlike the app store, Epic Games store only charges developers 12% of sales, which makes it more attractive to developers.

now, epic is pushing ahead with plans to introduce its store to Android, but Sweeney still criticizes Google for setting apple like obstacles. “Google is essentially a store designed to suppress competition by setting up user interface barriers.”

Sweeney is one of many developers who have criticized the app store policy in recent weeks. In fact, Apple’s app business is now the target of a number of international investigations, including antitrust investigations by the US House of Representatives against large technology companies, including Amazon, Facebook and Google. The CEOs of these companies will testify at the hearing on Monday.