According to reports, German car maker Volkswagen Group will build flagship electric vehicles of Audi, Porsche and Bentley brands, and the vehicles will be produced in Germany. Local media reported that Volkswagen Group will build a new production line at its factory in Hanover, Germany, for the production of new cars, which are internally codenamed “landjet”. < / P > < p > as part of its Artemis Project, Audi is currently developing the three row, seven seat model. Audi Artemis Project is responsible for developing new technologies for Volkswagen Group. These technologies will be used in Volkswagen’s electric vehicles and autopilot cars in the future. < / P > < p > the reason why Volkswagen group chose the Hanover plant is that Audi’s own factory is too small to meet the production needs. Previously, the Hanover plant was mainly responsible for the production of commercial vehicles for the Volkswagen Group. < / P > < p > a Volkswagen group executive told the media: “landjet is able to start mass production in Hanover quickly, and there is less preparation required for production in the Hanover plant than at the Audi plant.” < / P > < p > the Hanover plant will also be responsible for the production of the Volkswagen ID buzz model, the latest pure electric vehicle of Volkswagen, which is a replica of the Volkswagen microbus model, the iconic Volkswagen model of the 1960s. < / P > < p > the expected range of landjet is about 650 km. Audi will launch a new car in 2024, while the Porsche and Bentley versions will be on the market later. Last month, people familiar with the matter revealed that VW is currently handing over control of Bentley from Porsche to Audi. < / P > < p > it is not clear whether landjet will be available in the form of a car or an SUV, or both, and the public authorities have not disclosed information. However, according to a source, landjet will be a car and is expected to compete with Tesla’s new model s for consumer and market share. < p > < p > on Friday, the Volkswagen Group said it would produce three pure electric “d-suvs” for a number of its brands in the Hanover plant, but the Volkswagen media release did not mention which brands would usher in new models. < p > < p > prior to that, Bentley CEO Adrian hallmark had hinted that the company would launch a pure electric car in 2025, and the new car would be an SUV with batteries installed on the bottom of the car. This would provide more space for vehicles, which previously produced two door cars and four door cars. < p > < p > on November 16, Bentley said it would only offer hybrid vehicles in 2026, and would completely abandon the internal combustion engine and electrify all models by 2030, as part of the company’s beyond 100 strategy. “In 10 years, Bentley will be transformed from a 100 year old high-end car company into a brand new, sustainable and fully ethical high-end car company,” said homaco Global Tech