In August last year, Beisi released the 1a2c 65W PD gallium nitride charger, which has a slim and compact size on the basis of high power and multi interface output, and is highly sought after by users. Strike while the iron is hot, Beisi has successively launched 45W, 120W and other multi port gallium nitride chargers, covering different user layers. After a year’s experience, Beisi upgraded its most popular 65W Gan charger and launched the second generation of its 65W gan2 Pro Gan charger. < / P > < p > Beisi 65W gan2 Pro gallium nitride charger is designed with long square shape and rounded corners at four sides of waist, which is good to hold. < / P > < p > the charger is made of PC plastic shell, with matte texture on the surface of the body, which is not easy to touch fingerprints. In addition, piano paint baking treatment is used at the pin, which makes the whole body have color contrast design. < / P > < p > the charger has 2 usb-c and 1 usb-a, with 3 output interfaces. The name silk screen is printed at the bottom of each interface, and the lightning logo is on the top of the three interfaces. < / P > < p > compare the sizes of Betsy 65W Gan 2 Pro charger with Apple’s 61W charger. As a whole, it is about half the size of Apple’s 61W charger, and its output power and interface number are better than the latter. < / P > < p > by comparing Beisi 65W Gan 2 Pro charger with the previous generation of Beisi 2c1a 65W PD Gan charger, we can see that the length of the new product is still shorter than that of the previous generation. < / P > < p > in order to facilitate your reference, all test data of usb-c1 interface are sorted into the table. Most devices can be charged and quickly charged. The power of two MacBook Pro is 56.06w and 65.57w respectively; the power of three flagship iPhones exceeds 20W, the power of black shark 3S reaches 45.49w, and the power of Nubian red devil 5g mobile phone reaches 36.36w. < / P > < p > sort the data into columns, and the top two macbooks are naturally ranked; the last mobile phone is vivox50 pro, with power below 10W. < / P > < p > put the test data of usb-c2 charging compatibility in the table. Apple Devices shake hands with PD fast charging protocol very well, black shark 3S, Samsung S20 ultra 5g mobile phones and Nubian red devil 5g mobile phones successfully shake hands with PPS fast charging protocol, Meizu 16th plus successfully handshakes PE fast charging protocol. < / P > < p > putting the test data of usb-c2 in the histogram, two MacBook Pro naturally ranked the highest, followed by Nubian Red Devils 5g mobile phones, two iPads and Samsung S20 ultra 5g mobile phones, all above 30W. < / P > < p > in order to facilitate your reference, we also collate all test data of usb-a interface into the table. Most devices can be charged quickly. The power of Huawei’s three flagship mobile phones are all above 20W, the power of Xiaomi 10 Pro is as high as 24.39w, and Meizu 17 Pro is also good, with power of 21.86w. < / P > < p > organize the data into a bar chart. The highest ranked Xiaomi 10 pro and redmi K30 Pro are followed by Huawei’s three mobile phones, and the power of the last five mobile phones is no more than 10W. < / P > < p > thanks to the successful mass production and commercial use of Gan power devices, the miniaturization of high-power chargers has been realized, so that consumers can enjoy this new era of technology. Many readers are very concerned about the calorific value of gallium nitride chargers, so we have joined the temperature rise test, but first of all, we need to know a few knowledge about temperature rise test. < / P > < p > the heat of charger is related to power density, efficiency value, internal scheme design, ambient temperature, etc. products with low power density have enough space for component layout separation due to their large volume, so the surface temperature will be lower, but the volume is often very large. The products with high power density often adopt the design of vertical plug-in board component stack, which makes the charger as small as possible for users to carry. Theoretically, the temperature will be hotter than the product with low power density. In addition, the heating of single port charger and multi port charger are different due to different circuit design. Single port charger belongs to AC to DC direct output mode, while multi port charger is AC to DC to DC. After secondary voltage drop, the calorific value of single port charger is higher than that of single port charger. < / P > < p > as a reference, the full load temperature of low power density Gan charger is generally between 60-70 ℃, while that of single port Gan charger with high power density is about 70 ℃, and that of multi port Gan charger with high power density is generally higher than 70 ℃. The temperature rise of Beisi new generation 65W Gan charger is tested under the condition of 20V 3.25a 65W power output for one hour in a constant temperature box with a temperature of about 25 ℃. Before preparing to start the test, the maximum temperature is 29.9 ℃. < / P > < p > one hour full load temperature rise link is used to test the heating condition of the charger under the condition of extreme use, which is rarely encountered by users in daily use. The power of digital devices such as mobile phones, tablet and power bank is not large, and the temperature rise will be more moderate, while the power of notebook charging will decrease with the gradual saturation of power, and the heating will also be reduced synchronously. < / P > < p > the current national standard requires that the surface temperature of the charger should not be higher than 95 degrees. The maximum test temperature of Beisi new generation 65W Gan charger is still much lower than the national standard, and these temperatures are in line with the safety standards. The maximum output power of Beisi 65W Gan 2pro charger is tested by EB program-controlled electronic load. The maximum output power is 19.52v 3.60a 70.3w with 0.1A current step amplitude and 10 seconds interval. < / P > < p > according to the rated power 20V 3.25a full load stability test, the test time is one hour, the voltage value is horizontal straight line, no obvious fluctuation, and the full load is also very stable for a long time. < / P > < p > Beisi 65W Gan 2 Pro charger supports up to 65W power output with two usb-c output interfaces and one usb-a output interface. When the usb-c1 and any interface output at the same time, it is fast charging output, so the small editor simulates the daily use of the charger to test the charging process of the laptop and a mobile phone at the same time. < / P > < p > use usb-c1 to charge the MacBook Pro 13 and shake hands with 20V after a period of current fluctuation At 2.25A charging gear, the voltage, current and power platform are in stable input state before about 44 minutes; then the power and current begin to decline step by step; after 1 hour and 15 minutes, the current is in 1.5A input gear, and the power is about 20W; after 1 hour and 44 minutes, the power decreases with the gradual decrease of current until the end of charging, and the intermediate current rises briefly, which takes time About 2 hours and 23 minutes, the maximum power is 20.12v 2.19a 44.12w. < / P > < p > next, let’s take a look at the charging of iPhone 11 Pro by usb-c2. After a short period of oscillation, the 9V 2A input gear was shaken. After the three data platforms maintained for about 17 minutes, the current began to decline. After 52 minutes, the voltage dropped to 5V slow charging state. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, the power and current gradually decreased until the end of charging. The whole process took about 2 hours, and the maximum power was 9.12v 1.99A 18.18W。 The ripple test of Beisi 65W Gan 2 Pro charger under the condition of 110V 60Hz AC input is carried out under no-load and heavy load. The test results are as follows: < / P > < p > the ripple requirement of charger in national standard is not higher than 200mV, while that of Beisi 65W Gan 2 Pro charger is 110V, 60Hz and 240V Under the input voltage of 50 Hz, all output power ripple peaks are lower than 200 mV, which is a lot of standard, and the performance is good. < / P > < p > when the output power of Beisi 65W Gan 2 Pro charger is increased to 65W, the measured output power of the patch panel is 71.58w, and the conversion efficiency of the charger is about 90.8%. < / P > < p > as the second generation 65W multi port Gan 2 Pro charger of Beisi 65W, the appearance follows the family ID design, and the inside and outside are redesigned. The compact size is equipped with new heat dissipation technology and bpsii charging technology, and its volume is further reduced. < / P > < p > as a classic 2c1a 65W charger, the output power configuration of the two PD interfaces in the old version is 65W and 30W, which belongs to the large and small power scheme. If the user plugs in the wrong interface, the best charging performance may not be obtained. The two PD output ports of Beisi gan2 Pro Gan charger are replaced by the mainstream power blind plug-in scheme. Type-C1 and type-c2 support any insertion, and the maximum 65W PD fast charging output can be obtained. Users do not need to learn to use freely, and the experience is better. < / P > < p > the volume has also been upgraded. Beisi gan2 Pro gallium nitride charger has three dimensions of 70mm * 36mm * 32mm, which is reduced from 75mm to 70mm compared with the old version, and the power density has been increased to 0.80w/cm3, reaching the current mainstream level. < / P > < p > in general, this is a very sincere upgrade. Its family appearance, powerful performance, incomparable compatibility and small size are enough to be my favorite. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia