After Apple launched the iPhone 12, which supports 5g network and other feature upgrades, a new research memorandum from Barclays Bank questioned Apple’s profit margin and potential average selling price (ASP). This led to the company significantly reducing the target price of APL. < / P > < p > despite the elimination of the power adapter and earpods headphones in the packaging, the bank believes that the savings will not cover the 5g, OLED and storage upgrades, so iPhone profits are likely to be lower this year. Of course, Apple’s profit margin is almost the highest of all companies, but from the perspective of investors, the potential downward trend is still worthy of attention. < / P > < p > when it comes to the iPhone portfolio, the bank believes that consumers may avoid buying the iPhone 12 Pro series that costs more than $999. Instead, they will buy the iPhone 12 mini, which costs $699 (the best selling price is $729), and the iPhone 12, which starts at $799 (the best selling price is $829). If this happens, then the ASP of Apple’s iPhone will drop. < / P > < p > another factor for Barclays to look forward to AAPL performance is the postponement of the iPhone 12 mini and pro Max to November. The company also believes that Apple has not made a convincing case for why consumers need 5g. At the time of writing, AAPL’s share price is $121.54. The potential downside potential of AAPL is – 19.6%, with a target share price of $100. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4