The iPhone 12 supports 20W PD fast charging, but when you open the package of iPhone 12, you find that there is no charger in it. Don’t panic. You buy a genuine Apple phone. Apple claims that in order to protect the environment, it no longer distributes chargers for all iPhones. However, it gives away the usb-c to lightning fast charging cable. If users don’t have a usb-c charger at home, they may not be able to charge. In addition to the popular plug-in plug-in board of the iPhone < 12, users can also try the plug-in board directly. < / P > < p > as a product with slow iteration, the transition from fast charging to fast charging of PD has come a long way. In 2020, some manufacturers have followed up the development of PD plug-in boards. Users do not need to insert PD chargers into the plug-in boards. Users can get fast charging of PD directly through the patch boards. The editor has checked nine types of USB PD plug-in boards sold in the market for you to introduce. < / P > < p > A: the iPhone 12 supports the USB PD fast charging standard. Apple’s official parameters indicate that the iPhone 12 supports fast charging of 20W PD. It can charge 50% of the power for the iPhone 12 within 30 minutes to quickly restore the battery life. < / P > < p > A: USB plug-in board generally refers to the old USB plug-in board with only usb-a output port and only supports 5V output. The PD plug-in board has usb-c interface and is developed based on usb-pd fast charging standard, which can provide greater DC output for digital products. < / P > < p > A: the PD output module of the plug-in board indicates “how much power can be output”, which is like cooking in an electric cooker. Mobile phone has the final say that mobile phone can withstand much power. This is the coordination between mobile phone and charging module. It can not only solve the problem of electric power, but also get the required current, voltage and power, and how much food can be eaten. It has the final say that the high-power PD plug-in board can be used. < / P > < p > A: because of the built-in PD fast charging module, the cost of the PD plug-in board will be a little higher than that of the ordinary USB plug-in board. The small edition of these models ranges from 79 yuan to 199 yuan, which is not expensive compared with the purchase of an extra 100 yuan PD charger. < / P > < p > let’s introduce nine types of USB PD fast charging plug-in boards sold in the market for you. In order to facilitate the search of small partners, the products are sorted by brand English sequence. Rubik’s cube socket is a new type of power supply equipment. It redesigns the traditional plug-in board and greatly reduces the floor area, which is loved by many consumers. Aigo patriot has also recently launched a series of new national standard Rubik’s cube sockets, and has integrated 2a1c PD fast charging output module in line with the fast charging trend, which makes Rubik’s cube socket evolve into PD Rubik’s cube socket. It can charge mobile phones quickly without connecting a charger to Rubik’s cube socket. < / P > < p > in the figure below is the most common type of USB plug-in board on the market at present. It adopts strip design, AC Jack and USB module horizontal plane layout. Aigo patriot PD Rubik’s cube socket is designed with Chinese circle inspiration. The three AC sockets and USB modules adopt compact three-dimensional structure, which greatly reduces the floor area and makes the desktop cleaner. < / P > < p > on the USB module is the switch button. The Aigo patriot 2a1c PD Rubik’s cube socket uses a touch type micro switch button to control the opening / closing of electrical appliances. It is no longer necessary to plug in and out frequently, and it can be easily controlled by one finger. The main body is 62mm x 62mm x 62mm with 1.5m wire. < / P > < p > the fire line and zero line of the three AC jacks are equipped with safety doors to ensure the safety of users. In addition to the three 220 V electrical appliances, the USB module can also supply power to three digital devices. The above is the state that the fire power is fully opened after all sockets are plugged in, and the adjacent plug cables will not cause interference. < / P > < p > when digital products go out, they need to carry extra chargers. The backpack full of digital products is even more unbearable. When you live in hotels, the sockets for charging laptops are not in the ideal position, which leads to the abnormal charging of exotic places. In order to solve this problem, Aigo patriot has launched a multi in one hybrid charger, which integrates the plug-in board, charger and mobile power supply to completely solve the confusion of travel users. The appearance of Aigo patriot hybrid charger follows the business style. The overall appearance color of the product is mainly bright gray and bright black, with four power indicator lights and a 220 V jack on the front. In the plug-in mode, usb-c supports 18W PD fast charging output, which can be used as desktop charger to directly charge mobile phones, or when the desktop patch panel is used, when there is high power demand, the high-power charger can be directly inserted into the 220 V jack for use. < / P > < p > the USB output module from left to right is usb-c interface, two usb-a interfaces and start-up power button. When the product is output as mobile power, the output voltage of USB output interface is controlled at 5V; when it works as a patch panel, usb-c supports 18W PD fast charging. < p > < p > Aigo patriot hybrid charger has a 5000mAh capacity battery core, which can be directly used as a power bank out of the 220 V power supply. The output power of the charger mode is 5v2.4a, which can provide fast charging for iPhone and other devices supporting the apple 2.4a fast charging protocol, and the capacity can meet the demand of mobile phone’s one-day service life. In the patch panel mode, the built-in usb-c output interface supports 18W PD fast charging, which can provide PD fast charging for mobile phones and other devices. In the plug-in board mode, it can support 220 V AC output. Whether on a desk or on a business trip, you only need the Aigo patriot 3-in-1 hybrid charger to charge the laptop phone, making it easier to go out. < / P > < p > the famous brand bull of plug-in board made timely follow-up on usb-c patch panel, rapidly deployed PD patch board products, and launched multi port patch board with power up to 65W 2a1c, with powerful performance and no need to plug charger on the board. The maximum output power of USB interface is 18W and 65W respectively. It supports multi protocol fast charging, which can provide 65W USB PD fast charging for most mobile phones, tablets and notebooks on the market. < / P > < p > bull PD fast charging plug-in board is made of PC flame-retardant material, the top surface of the body is frosted, the side body is bright, and the overall length is long and flat. A total of six AC jacks have built-in safety doors to prevent foreign bodies from invading. The distance between adjacent holes reaches 42mm, which can avoid plug fighting. In order to facilitate the use of the cable, the length of the cable reaches 1.8 meters and is made of 3 × 1.0 mm thick wire core. The micro switch with integrated indicator light is used on the switch. < / P > < p > the socket is equipped with six jack, three 3 + 2 combined jack and 2-bit Jack. Each AC jack is equipped with a safety door, which has the function of unilateral insertion and locking, so as to avoid the entry of foreign matters and effectively prevent children from being curious and playful. < / P > < p > there are three output ports in the USB module of the patch panel, which are a 65W usb-c PD fast charging interface and two 18W usb-a QC fast charging interfaces. It supports the simultaneous output of three ports and has a variety of power strategy configurations. When using a single usb-c, it can output 65W, and when multi port output is adjusted to 45W + 18W, 45W + 5v3a, etc. In addition to USB PD standard fast charging, it also supports common fast charging protocols such as QC / FCP / apple2.4a. It takes about 2.08 hours for Huawei P30 pro, 2.5 hours for iPad mini4, and 3.41 hours for switch. Deli is mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of stationery and office supplies. At present, Deli has grown into the largest comprehensive stationery supplier in China. In addition to excellent product quality, deli also has a solid channel distribution ability. We can buy competent products everywhere in first tier cities and villages. In addition to office stationery, deli also has layout plug-in board products. In 2020, when USB PD fast charging is popular, deli also follows the trend and introduces USB PD fast charging plug-in board. < / P > < p > the milky white shell surface of Deli 45W PD fast charging plug-in board is smooth and bright. The main part is square structure, and the volume of 87.5mm x 87.5mm x 30mm is not large. The upper area is the AC Jack area, and the lower area is the USB module area. “Deli Deli” trademark and AC rated power parameters of “maximum power 2500W” are printed on the shell. < / P > < p > the side of the patch panel is a USB module, which shares three output interfaces, namely, two usb-a outputs and one usb-c outputs. Among them, usb-c supports USB PD fast charging function, which can provide 45W PD fast charging output, two usb-a support 5v2.4a output, and the total output power of USB module is 45W. < / P > < p > Deli 45W PD patch panel has two AC jacks with a hole distance of 42mm, which is convenient for the equipment to use. It is full of two AC plugs and there is no fight. The three USB ports are full of power for three digital devices. Compared with the traditional patch panel with several chargers, the deli PD patch panel is much cleaner. < p > < p > Hangjia has a very high reputation in the power industry. Many users, such as PC power supply and charger, have used Hangjia’s products. In addition to power supply, Hangjia has also made great efforts in the plug-in board market. As early as a few years ago, Hangjia launched the USB plug-in board. Recently, Hangjia has upgraded its performance and launched Hangjia USB PD fast charging plug-in board to better serve PD fast charging equipment. < p > < p > the detailed model of Hangjia PD patch board is sst307c. The shell is made of flame retardant material. The white and slender style can be integrated into different atmospheres such as home and office. There is a circular physical switch button on the top to facilitate the control of global power consumption. In addition, USB module is added to support rapid charging of PD. < p > < p > Hangjia PD plug-in board USB module is a classic 1a1c design, and the corresponding fast charging label is printed: usb-c supports 18W PD fast charging output, usb-a supports 18W QC fast charging output. The global maximum output is 18W, 1a1c configuration can adapt to the use of new and old cables and equipment. < / P > < p > the USB module of Hangjia PD plug-in board supports PD fast charging output. Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and other devices supporting PD fast charging can enjoy fast charging, and can directly charge two digital products at the same time. For high-power equipment, power supply is provided through AC Jack. < / P > < p > the traditional plug-in board has a large volume and covers a large area, so there is less available space on the desktop. Philips has launched a three-dimensional Ferris wheel socket, with a three-dimensional size of 65mm * 65mm* 61mm, occupying only one mouse’s desktop space, and the use of gallium nitride power devices in the body, so that the compact size of 65W high power output, but also equipped with a multi port fast charge output USB module. The appearance design of Philips gallium nitride Ferris wheel socket inherits the characteristic ID design of Ferris wheel family. Through three-dimensional three-dimensional layout, the socket is set in three directions, providing three 2 + 3 AC sockets, two usb-c PD fast charging output ports and one usb-a multi protocol fast charging output port. AC Jack supports 10A 2500W AC transmission, and the maximum output power of DC fast charging module is up to 65W. < p > < p > the 65W Gan fast charging module with powerful performance is put into the small volume, 2c1a multi port output, and the maximum output power is up to 65W. Among them, usb-c1 and usb-c2 support power blind insertion function, and 65W PD fast charging output performance can be obtained by inserting any one of them, and support 5v3a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v3.25a voltage output. Usb-a supports 4.5v5a / 5v4.5a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 20v3a, with a maximum output power of 60W. It also has an intelligent power distribution strategy, which supports simultaneous output of three ports. The output power of dual USB is adjusted to 45W + 18W, and the output power of three USB is adjusted to 45W + 15W intelligent distribution. < / P > < p > the Philips 65W Ferris wheel socket is equipped with a high-power gallium nitride charging module in a compact body, which is compatible with a variety of devices while “reducing load”