On September 10, Alibaba confirmed that Chen Lei (Huaming “Wen Zhong”), the general manager of the leisure fish business unit, had left the company. Ali did not disclose the reasons for his departure. According to public information, Chen Lei, an employee of Alibaba No. 422, has led the development of several important products, including gold coin, Taojiang lake, taoniang, Taobao live broadcast, etc. Before he was in charge of idle fish, he served as senior director of Taobao’s live broadcasting and content Ecology Division. In July 2019, Chen Lei was transferred to the leisure fish business department to report to Jiang Fan, President of Taobao tmall. < p > < p > idle fish is the second-hand C2C trading platform of Alibaba. In June this year, on the sixth anniversary of the founding of Xianyu, Chen Lei also gave media interviews as CEO of LEIYU. At that time, Chen Lei told the media that in Alibaba’s system, idle fish was positioned as a flow producer, not a consumer. He believes that by doing a good job in the community, there is a great opportunity for idle fish to achieve a scale of 1 trillion. < p > < p > Alibaba declined to comment on reports that Chen Lei’s resignation might be related to peach blossom news. The relevant news screenshots show that a microblog user complained of Chen Lei, “cheat me to give birth to a child! Cheat me to get married However, the relevant users can no longer be searched. < p > < p > since the beginning of this year, Alibaba has been exposed to negative news from the middle and high levels. In April this year, Jiang Fan, the president of Alibaba Taobao tmall, was exposed to the negative news of Zhang Dayi, a popular online star. On the 27th of the same month, Alibaba released the survey results, saying that the investment decision of Alibaba on Ruhan e-commerce had nothing to do with Jiang Fan, and Jiang Fan had no interest transfer behavior in all Taobao and tmall stores of Ruhan e-commerce and Zhang Dayi. However, in the opinion of the investigation group, Jiang Fan’s personal problems were not handled properly in the company’s important position, which caused serious public opinion crisis, which had a significant impact on the company’s reputation. Therefore, Jiang Fan’s status as a partner of Ali was cancelled, and Jiang Fan’s rank was demoted from M7 (Senior Vice President of the group) to M6 (vice president of the group), and all awards of the previous financial year were cancelled. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple