In 2017, Chengdu identified the “intelligent economy” as one of the six new economic forms of Chengdu. Since then, the development of artificial intelligence industry has entered the “fast lane”, and the frequency of industry releasing positive signals has become more and more dense: the enterprise cluster of the whole industry chain from basic support, core technology to upper application has basically formed; the agglomeration effect of industrial carriers such as Chengdu Science City and AI innovation center is obvious; for the intensive publication of artificial intelligence, the industrial cultivation and goal setting of artificial intelligence are carried out.

In the new round of development, Chengdu artificial intelligence is no longer limited to laboratory technology, but as a general technology has been more widely promoted, enabling all walks of life. AI education, AI healthcare, AI manufacturing, AI transportation, AI finance, AI security All kinds of artificial intelligence application scenarios come out and become the new engine of economic development.

The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a notice to support the establishment of national pilot zones for artificial intelligence innovation and application in Beijing, Tianjin (Binhai New Area), Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Chengdu. This is the list of the second batch of pilot zones issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology after Shanghai (Pudong New Area), Shenzhen and Jinan Qingdao. So far, the number of pilot areas for innovation and application of artificial intelligence in China has increased to 8. What does being selected mean for Chengdu? Compared with other pilot areas, what is the “Chengdu mission”? What are the next steps to promote the implementation? Recently, the author interviewed relevant department heads, experts and entrepreneurs.

The aggregation effect is prominent

Basically form the whole industrial chain enterprise cluster

One belt, one road ahead, is to build a leading area for AI application in Chengdu. We should take advantage of the “one belt” important strategic hub and strategic support point to grasp the opportunities for Shuangcheng economic circle in Chengdu and Chongqing. We should focus on artificial intelligence, and focus on the advantages of medical treatment and finance, and release the list of application scenarios to promote the iterative development of technology industry.

“The selection of Chengdu into the national pilot zone of artificial intelligence innovation and application is not only a recognition but also an opportunity for Chengdu’s industrial development. It is believed that more industrial innovation resources will gather in Chengdu in the future, which indicates that the development of artificial intelligence industry in Chengdu has entered a new stage. ” An Hui, Secretary General of China artificial intelligence industry innovation alliance, said that in the future, Chengdu’s industrial advantages and resource endowment should be taken into account to continuously improve its innovation capability.

Why is the development of artificial intelligence industry in Chengdu supported by the state? Relevant people from the Ministry of industry and information technology once said that Chengdu has inherent advantages and acquired potential for the development of artificial intelligence industry. “Sichuan Province is an important information industry and software industry base in China, and has good conditions for the development of artificial intelligence. Sichuan Province and Chengdu have issued a series of policies to support the development of artificial intelligence technology and industry, and have achieved remarkable results in focusing on new elements, cultivating new kinetic energy and developing new economy. “

According to Jiang Tao, Dean of the school of control engineering of Chengdu University of information engineering and doctoral supervisor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu’s electronic information industry, especially the software service industry, is strong, which has laid a good professional foundation for the development of the artificial intelligence industry. On the other hand, around the industrial robot, UAV extended application, medical health, intelligent security and other fields, Chengdu has formed the characteristic direction of artificial intelligence industry, showing the vigorous industrial vitality.

“At the same time, Chengdu has a large number of universities and scientific research institutes, which makes the city rich in talent reserves.” Jiang Tao further analyzed that the previous industrial policies have also created a better development environment for the development of artificial intelligence. Previously, Chengdu issued the “plan for accelerating the development of artificial intelligence industry in Chengdu” and “special policy for accelerating the development of artificial intelligence industry in Chengdu”, and issued the “implementation rules”, focusing on consolidating the industrial foundation, improving the industrial energy level and creating the industrial ecology, it issued 12 supporting policies to vigorously support the research and development of artificial intelligence core technology and industrial integration Application innovation and public service platform construction.

It is understood that the scale of the artificial intelligence industry is steadily expanding. In 2020, there will be more than 550 artificial intelligence enterprises with an industrial scale of 20 billion yuan. By 2022, the industrial scale will exceed 50 billion yuan, and the scale of related industries will exceed 500 billion yuan. At present, Chengdu has attracted Baidu, Shangtang, iFLYTEK and other industry leading enterprises to land, cultivated the rise of local enterprises such as Chuanda Zhisheng, Sifang Weiye and koala Youran, and basically formed a whole industry chain enterprise cluster from basic support, core technology to upper application. At the same time, Chengdu has formed a comparative advantage in intelligent vision, speech recognition, intelligent manufacturing and other subdivided fields. Eight enterprises, including Guoxing aerospace and borns, have been listed in the list of key tasks of artificial intelligence innovation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, accounting for 1 / 17 of the country.

Application scenario construction

Help enterprises to share opportunities of city scene

When enterprises settle down, they should be able to stay. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, in the construction of the pilot zone, Chengdu will adhere to the principle of scenario management, highlight the industrial characteristics, focus on the key fields and advantageous industries such as medical treatment and finance, build in-depth application scenarios of artificial intelligence, release the list of urban scenarios, help enterprises share the opportunities of urban scenarios, and give full play to the “Fu” of artificial intelligence Energy effect.

“Data, algorithm, computing power and application constitute the four directions of AI. For AI enterprises, the most important thing is to be able to apply the technology and truly transform it into productivity. ” Ren Zhiyu, vice president and Secretary General of Sichuan artificial intelligence society, said that the medical artificial intelligence and financial artificial intelligence specifically mentioned in the document issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology are the advantages of Chengdu.

In the medical field, with the help of the “exoskeleton robot” developed by Buffalo robotics technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., more and more paraplegic patients stand up again and usher in a new life. Since 2010, Cheng Hong, director of robotics research center of UESTC and chief technical expert of buffalo robotics, has led the team to combine artificial intelligence with rehabilitation medical scenes from scratch, and is committed to developing exoskeleton robots to help paraplegic patients recover their mobility. China has become the fourth country to successfully develop exoskeleton robot after the United States, Israel and Japan.

Through artificial intelligence empowerment, manufacturing industry also ushered in new opportunities. “Robots can not only greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also realize the double improvement of process quality and product quality, and maintain high product stability.” Deng Shihai, deputy general manager of Chengdu karnop Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd., gives an example. Taking spraying as an example, workers need to work in three shifts, while robots can work 24 hours, and they are “invincible” to all kinds of pollution such as paint dust. Karnop is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of industrial robot core parts and cooperative robots, industrial robot machine. It is the only major drafting unit of four national standards in the field of industrial robots in Southwest China.

In addition, Sichuan Chuanda Zhisheng Software Co., Ltd. has applied image technology to the fields of aviation and air traffic management, flight simulation, 3D measurement and face recognition, general aviation, smart city, culture and technology, and has been listed in the list of AI innovation key tasks of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Focusing on the field of financial technology, Sichuan Tuodi Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a comprehensive asset management cloud service platform for trust, securities, banks, private funds and other institutions by means of artificial intelligence. Chengdu zhiyuanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a new upgraded and iterative “intelligent transportation management and service system” in the subway scene with “artificial intelligence” technology. It is one of the most representative companies providing “intelligent transportation management and service” solutions in the field of urban rail transit in China.

Thick planting industry ecology

Create a dislocation development and unique pattern of artificial intelligence industry

Promoting the construction of national artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot zone and boosting the upgrading of artificial intelligence industry are inseparable from the cohesion of industrial carriers. Our city will focus on Chengdu Tianfu new area and high tech Zone to create a dislocation development and distinctive artificial intelligence industry pattern. Now, the construction of the unicorn Island start-up area in Tianfu new area has officially entered the final stage. The overall project and indoor exhibition and hardcover are fully presented, and the unicorn island “has a rough prototype”. Here, artificial intelligence will be the key support direction. Shangtang technology, which has settled in Chengdu Science City in Tianfu new area, will be the first “Islander” after the completion of Unicorn island.

The industrial carrier is not only for the artificial intelligence enterprises, but also for the construction of industrial ecology. “In September 2020, Chengdu Supercomputing Center will be completed and put into operation, with the host performance ranking the fifth in the world and the third in the country, fully meeting the requirements of the Ministry of science and technology on the computing power scale of the National Supercomputing system, providing strong computing power support for the development of the artificial intelligence industry in Chengdu.” The relevant person in charge said that at present, Huawei Kunpeng ecological base, Tianfu high performance computing public technology service platform and other innovative platforms have been fully put into operation, serving more than 400 enterprises, enabling the development of artificial intelligence industry in Tianfu new area.