Recently, we learned from Chery Star Road official that the new model star road VX has been officially opened for pre-sale during the Beijing auto show. The new car will be equipped with 1.6T and 2.0T engines and positioned as a medium-sized 7-seater SUV. The pre-sale price is 170000-180000 yuan. It will be officially launched in December. As a family flagship model, star VX is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, but its body length of 4.9 meters and wheelbase of 2.9 meters have also reached the medium and large size, and the overall size is very close to that of Volkswagen tuang. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance and modeling, the air intake grille is composed of three chrome plated crossbeams in the front, combined with the new style of LED headlamp, which has a strong sense of power. And with the “Exeed” logo, the front face is very recognizable. < / P > < p > in the car, the current popular dual type large screen is used. The temperature regulation of the dual zone air conditioner is knob type, while the other functions are touch screen type. It has sufficient sense of technology and is safe and practical at the same time. < / P > < p > at the same time, in order to strengthen the luxury property of the car, the wooden grain material cover plate is used in the middle passage. However, this is not expected to satisfy all consumers, after all, for such a young, sporty car, wood grain is a little old-fashioned. < / P > < p > compared with other aspects, power is the biggest bright spot of star path VX. The new car is equipped with 1.6T and 2.0T engines, 1.6tgid version and 7dct wet dual clutch transmission. The 2.0 tgdi version, with information display, will match the 8at automatic manual transmission. < / P > < p > the 1.6T engine that has been installed before will not be introduced too much. Its maximum power is 197 horsepower and the peak torque is 290n · m, which can even be compared with some 2.0T engines. < p > < p > the engine was successfully ignited in March last year, with the maximum power of 187kw (254ps) and peak torque of 385n · M. with excellent power performance, it can be called the strongest engine in the history of Chery. < p > < p > as a comparison, the current 2.0T high-power engine equipped by BMW on domestic 5-series models has a maximum power of 185KW (252ps) and a peak torque of 350n · M. Chery’s new 2.0T engine parameters, has exceeded the BMW 5 Series strongest 2.0T version. Generally speaking, the arrival of the car will enhance Chery’s brand image to a new height. And the arrival of 2.0T engine will solve the shortage of Chery 2.0T engine. However, in the face of Chery, which has always been lacking in brand influence and appeal, will domestic consumers really spend 170000 or 80000 yuan to buy. At that time, after star path VX is listed, the follow-up market sales volume will explain everything. Global Tech