The reporter learned from the Hefei Institute of material sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, that the Institute of plasma physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has recently successfully developed a key component divertor for the French superconducting tokamak device “West”, which was officially completed and delivered a few days ago, and will be transported to France for installation. The construction of superconducting tokamak device plays an important role in verifying the scientific and engineering feasibility of nuclear fusion power generation. “West” is an all tungsten divertor superconducting tokamak device being upgraded by the French Atomic Energy Commission. The divertor is the core component of the device, which plays a key role in realizing long pulse high parameter operation and its main scientific objectives. Due to the high temperature plasma irradiation, the divertor components have to withstand the impact of strong particle flow and high heat flow. The working environment is harsh, the manufacturing process is complex, and the requirements are high. < / P > < p > through the international bidding, the Institute of plasma physics, Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences was awarded the task of developing 456 tungsten copper components for “West” device in 2018. As an important base of China’s thermonuclear fusion research, the project team of the Institute of plasma physics has broken through the bottleneck of mass production of high-performance rolled tungsten materials by relying on independent innovation. It has mastered a number of key technologies such as multi-layer hot pressing composite of tungsten and copper, chromium zirconium copper, and solved the accuracy of gap size and welding interface quality between tungsten blocks in the high-temperature and high-pressure welding forming process of tungsten copper string To control the problem, the heat discharge capacity of tungsten copper composite parts is increased to 20 MW per square meter. In January 2018, the Sino French fusion joint research center was established in the Institute of plasma physics, Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Song Yuntao, vice president of Hefei Institute of material sciences and director of the Institute of plasma physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the delivery and installation of divertor components will bring the construction and operation of the “West” device into a new stage, and promote the scientific and technological cooperation between China and France in the field of nuclear fusion research. At the same time, by undertaking this international cooperation project, China has made a breakthrough in the field of tungsten copper technology, and has become one of the countries in the world to realize the mass production of tungsten copper parts. Global Tech