Recently, academician Guo guangcan of the university has made important progress in the research of high-dimensional quantum communication. Li Chuanfeng and Liu biheng of the team and Professor Marcus Huber of Austrian Academy of sciences have jointly studied and realized 32 dimensional quantum entangled states with high fidelity for the first time. Compared with the two-dimensional systems of 0 and 1, high-dimensional entangled states have great advantages in channel capacity. However, to achieve this advantage, we must realize the preparation, transmission and measurement of high fidelity and high dimensional quantum entangled states. Orbital angular momentum, time or frequency degrees of freedom have been widely used for encoding, but the preparation, transmission and measurement of high-dimensional quantum entangled states have not been well solved. < p > < p > Li Chuanfeng, Liu biheng and others have developed a new path, and since 2016, they have adopted the path freedom coding of photons and made a series of cutting-edge breakthroughs. For example, recently, commercial multi-core fiber is used to solve the problem of high-dimensional entanglement transmission, and the effective transmission of 4-dimensional entangled state in 11 km fiber is realized. However, with the increase of the number of dimensions, the complexity of quantum system and the difficulty of manipulation and measurement increase dramatically. “One bit can carry two-dimensional information, and five bits can carry the fifth power of two — that is, 32 dimensional information. The capacity of the channel increases dramatically, but the information accuracy rate is more difficult to guarantee, and the distortion rate is greatly increased Li Chuanfeng said. In order to solve these problems, recently, Li Chuanfeng and Liu biheng research group have designed a compact optical beam splitter to realize beam splitting and beam combining, and the spatial light modulator is used to precisely modulate the intensity and phase of each beam. In collaboration with Professor Marcus Huber of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, they have theoretically proposed an efficient high-dimensional entangled state authentication method. For a 32 dimensional entangled state, a complete quantum state tomography technique needs 1 million measurements to determine the information of the quantum state. This new method only needs 1000 measurements. < / P > < p > through the experiment, the research group realized a 32 dimensional quantum entangled state, and its fidelity was 0.933. A new world record for the number of dimensions of Quantum Entangled States has been created while maintaining high fidelity. The results have been published recently by the international well-known academic journal Physical Review express. According to Li Chuanfeng, this research progress has significantly improved the channel capacity of quantum communication, and laid an important foundation for the study of basic problems of quantum physics in high-dimensional systems. Global Tech