If the spacecraft has the ability to deform at any time or adapt to the continuous change of environment, it can complete more challenging tasks in complex flight environment. The reporter learned from the ongoing 2020 China space conference that Chinese scientists are conducting relevant research in the frontier field of global space. Li Xiaoping, Dean of the school of space science and technology of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and technology, delivered a speech entitled “exploration of flexible and deformable cross domain Intelligent Flight frontier” at the conference. According to reports, cross airspace and cross speed flight is the most subversive and revolutionary strategic development direction in the field of aerospace. The flexible and deformable cross domain intelligent vehicle, which uses special materials and intelligent control technology, has the ability of variable height, variable thickness, variable length, wing twist, and other performance characteristics, such as intelligent flight, is one of the important means for human to realize cross domain flight, free access and make full use of space. Li Xiaoping said that Chinese scientists have carried out research on relevant aircraft materials and intelligent control, and will carry out more exploration in the field of flexible and deformable cross domain intelligent flight. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park