K-car is called light automatic car in Japan. It is slightly smaller in size and displacement. Not long ago, reading automobile released a K-car trailer, which attracted the attention of many people in the industry.

new car positioning five door four seat pure electric mini car, from the design drawings, a10e adopts a simple design style. The closed front face highlights the pure electric gene, and the upper grille and headlight are designed to extend the visual sense of the whole vehicle and have a certain degree of recognition.

in addition, details such as simple side face, double waist line echoing up and down, and small tail wing are expected to be retained to the greatest extent in mass production vehicles.

according to the data, Redding automobile was officially established in 2008. Previously, it focused on the low-speed electric vehicle market. In 2019, reading and YEMA completed the strategic restructuring in Chengdu, and began to lay out high-speed electric vehicle series products after the reorganization of YEMA automobile.

last year, reading released three models of I3, i5 and i9, covering hatchback sedan, sedan and SUV. The upcoming release of a10e seems to indicate that reading will fully open a new layout in the field of passenger cars.