Compared with the previous annual science and Technology Spring Festival Gala, apple held three press conferences in the second half of this year. What could have been said with just one press conference was abruptly divided into three months. At the shareholders’ meeting in the third quarter, Cook said that there would be several new products on the shelves this year. Then, the Mac with the M1 processor was officially announced. In mid November, according to l0vetodream, Apple will release new products this month. But he did not mention the specific product name, only mentioned that the product released will be limited in winter. The macrumors forum also found that Apple was secretly updating its internal memo and informed relevant service providers and technicians that it would launch new products or update product prices on Tuesday. According to various sources, there will be new products to meet us this week. It’s a coincidence that last week, the financial press also released a news flash that airpods studio, which is the sole OEM of gol shares, has begun to be delivered, which to a certain extent indicates that airpods studio is ready to be released. < / P > < p > the most reliable rumor is that the earmuff of this product will adopt the magnetic suction replaceable design, and it is possible that the same design will be adopted for the head beam part at the top of the headset. < p > < p > the first batch of airpods studio is not large, but the unit price is not low. If compared with competitive products, it is expected that the selling price of airpods studio will be between 2500-3000 yuan. If there is a more advanced version of the material, the price may be about 5000 yuan. < / P > < p > prior to this, Jon Prosser, the source, tweeted that airpods studio had been delayed until March next year due to capacity problems. < / P > < p > but according to the current news, airpods studio will probably give us a surprise just like last year’s airpods pro. < / P > < p > a lot of news this year indicates that apple is developing a new Apple TV product. Some foreign digital bloggers have exposed the new Apple TV code named “T1125” in tvos 13.4 code. < / P > < p > the Apple TV 4K currently on sale on Apple’s official website uses the apple a10x processor. The a10x was launched on the iPad pro in 2017 for the first time, which is a product three years ago. As for the appearance unchanged for many years, it has also been questioned by users. < / P > < p > although it is not enough, the a10x obviously does not meet the requirements of apple. With more and more functions of Apple TV, apple wants to continuously improve the status of Apple TV in home video entertainment. < / P > < p > previously, foreign media reported that some developers found that there was behind the scenes support for the next generation of game console ps5 dualsense handle in IOS 14.3 beta. Apple also hopes that Apple TV will catch up with Nintendo switch and be more game oriented. < / P > < p > in order to obtain higher image quality performance, the a10x processor obviously can not meet the requirements of apple, so the processor upgrade is imminent. < / P > < p > Apple TV 4K with a12x processor will get the biggest improvement ever, and its price is likely to rise a little. < / P > < p > as early as IOS 13.4 beta, developers have found traces of airtag. Since then, rumors about the product have been circulating for a whole year. < / P > < p > rumor has it that the product will have a built-in U1 chip, with UWB technology that has been adopted on the iPhone 11 series, and can quickly and accurately locate the matching Apple device. < p > < p > UWB technology enables airtag to continue to complete its work under extremely low power consumption, and “offline search” is its biggest feature. < / P > < p > in addition to this function, the Japanese media MAC okatara has disclosed that airtags will have waterproof and magnetic charging functions, and can be used together with IOS’s new feature “light app” to realize more diversified functions. < / P > < p > as for the delayed launch of this product, it is likely that Apple’s ecology is not fully prepared. It is expected that this product will not be available this year. < / P > < p > finally, according to the type of products released, it is almost impossible for apple to hold another conference this month. They are likely to launch new products through press releases, such as MacBook in the first half of the year and airpods Pro last year, which are directly launched on the official website. Global Tech