One of the memories of childhood, how many old players still remember the classic arcade mahjong masterpiece “Shanghai 3”? This classic game, which only depends on xiaoxiaole, leads countless similar games. Shanghai 3 will be transplanted to switch on December 31. Please look forward to it. < p > < p > · Shanghai 3 is a classic mahjong elimination game launched by SunSoft in 1993. Although hanging mahjong name, in fact, is a find fault Xiaole game. In the game, players should first see what mahjong cards are displayed on the desktop, and then find the same mahjong cards from top to bottom in the middle of the mahjong pile. Click to eliminate the mahjong cards on the desktop. < / P > < p > · “Shanghai 3” switch transplant version not only completely restores the essence of the original, but also adds new elements such as multiplayer combat mode. It is scheduled to go online on December 31, and interested players can pay attention to it. Skip to content