Ubisoft officially announced the opening part of the game “watchdog: Legion” at a live broadcast in the early morning of today (October 27). The video below shows us how London, the capital of the UK, will become disorderly in the near future. < p > < p > < p > “watchdog: the Legion” is the latest work of Ubisoft’s classic 3A series “watchdog”, and it is also a sandbox action shooting game that is expected by players. In the latest production, the background is set in London, and the high degree of freedom sandbox element is also strengthened. In addition, players can choose the gender of the characters, and simple custom roles are added to the new work. In the world view of “watchdog”, the sense of future science and technology occupies a large proportion. Almost all objects are embedded in chips. Similar to the CPU of computers, there are certain security risks in highly intelligent society. We can use hacker technology to punish evil and promote justice. < / P > < p > the watchdog: the Legion will be available on PC, PS4 and xboxone on October 29. The game will be launched in the new host when the new host login, support free upgrades. Global Tech