Recently, George Poinar Jr., an entomologist at Oregon State University, discovered four new species of ensign wasp in 25 million year old amber found in the Republic of Dominica and Mexico. < p > < p > Poinar published a research paper on ICHNEUMONIDAE in the journal historical biology this month. “When wasp eggs hatch, larvae eat cockroach eggs where they are born,” said Oregon State University researchers The larvae use cockroach egg boxes as a shelter for adults. “Our research shows that these wasps lived about 20 to 30 million years ago, and their behavior patterns may be similar to cockroaches,” Poinar said in a statement at Oregon State University on Friday < / P > < p > although Poinar did not find any cockroaches in the resin fossils and wasp debris, he found some flying termites that may share a common place with cockroaches. Global Tech