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In a press release, EA explained that Codemasters’ series, such as F1, dust and racing plan, will coexist with EA’s existing racing games. Matt bilbey, executive vice president of EA strategic development, said in an interview with ign that Codemasters’ studios (including slightly mad, which it acquired in 2019) will still maintain a certain degree of autonomy after the acquisition.

“For the foreseeable future, we will treat Codemasters studios as an independent group, providing them with all the support they need, and exploring all the development opportunities as we move forward,” bilbey explained. We are very excited about their future. Although they will remain independent, we will promote their development through the power of EA release. “

Bilbey explained the motivation of the acquisition, saying EA believes there is still room for further development of racing games, and that the acquisition enables EA to “provide racing experience to fans more regularly.”. “F1” seems particularly attractive, and bilbey describes it as “one of the few truly global sports, with F1 fans growing rapidly in North America and Asia and continuing to grow in Europe.”

Speaking of F1, ign also asked if there were plans to bring this IP license (Codemasters has held since 2009) to EA Sports. EA Sports last held an F1 license in 2000-2003. Bilbey did not promise to do so, but expressed some interest:

“We are very proud of the value and impact of the EA Sports brand,” bilbey said. Codemasters has the same value and quality record. We believe that with Codemasters and EA Sports, F1 will attract more racing fans around the world. “

In recent years, EA’s racing game studios do have some twists and turns. For example, EA black box and two ghost games studios have been closed in the past decade. Ign asked bilbey what the company thought of those who were skeptical about it.

Bilbey explained: “we are big fans of racing games, and I know many of your readers are, too, so I’m sure they’ll understand why we’ve been admiring Codemasters for so long. Our goal is to build on the success Codemasters has created to ensure that we can create a bright, brilliant and exciting future for racing fans and present more excellent games to the players.

Codemasters, together with dice, respawn, BioWare, critrion EA Sports, has become one of the most powerful creative groups in the industry, and the knowledge and expertise shared by these people pave the way for major innovation for all. We are looking forward to supporting Codemasters at all levels to promote success together, and we know that there is a strong future ahead. “

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