Today (December 1), Nintendo officially released “assemble! The animal year’s Animal Crossing TVCM, “the end of the year”, mainly displays some of the small animals and scenes in this work. The animals at the party recalled the little things the players spent. < / P > < p > from the public images, the collection! Some common animals in animal animal society gather together, and there is a cake on the table. It seems that there is a party. In this party, the animals recalled the time spent with the players and looked very warm. Let’s go! The animal friends club is the latest work of Nintendo’s famous simulation game player animal’s Sen. This game design is set in the completed location before the series is changed, putting players into an uninhabited island to start life again. In addition to the extremely open way of playing the game, the very interesting multiplayer mode is also the highlight that players like to talk about. In addition to the traditional local online, “gather! The Animal Crossing also supports 4 people playing together on a Switch, and is also the first Chinese culture. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone