On November 1, the U.S. Department of justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Google has striking similarities with the U.S. government’s lawsuit against Microsoft 20 years ago. It seems that Google is trying to avoid the wrong path of Microsoft, so it warns employees not to be distracted by antitrust cases. It is generally believed that the lawsuit in 1998 and Microsoft’s aggressive response have slowed down the development of the software giant and given the rising stars such as Google a foothold. Although Microsoft avoided a spin off at the time, years of public and judicial scrutiny undoubtedly had a depressing cost to the company. < / P > < p > Google knows that. In view of the antitrust investigation and litigation actions currently encountered by the U.S. government and Congress, Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, and Kent walker, a senior legal adviser, recently sent an internal memorandum to the company’s employees, asking them to stay calm, not distracted and continue to work. < / P > < p > “it is important not to be distracted by this litigation process, including not to speculate on legal issues internally or externally.” “Our focus, it should be said, has always been something really important, that is, to provide great products and services,” Walker wrote in a memo dated October 20 < / P > < p > other evidence suggests that Google seems not to have been thwarted by the antitrust case and is still acting on its own plan. For example, the company is pushing ahead with a large but controversial acquisition and continues to strengthen its search partnership, which is at the heart of the regulators’ antitrust case against Google. The U.S. government accuses Google of spending billions of dollars a year on equipment vendors and other companies, making its search engine the default choice for hardware devices and browsers such as smartphones, which consolidates Google’s monopoly in the search market. This accusation is similar to the US government’s accusation of anti-monopoly against Microsoft. The U.S. government said that Microsoft had reached an agreement with computer manufacturers to set its browser as the default mode on computers, thus unfairly hindering market competition. But Google believes that the default settings of Google search engine on smart phones can be easily cancelled by consumers, and consumers choose Google because it is the best. In the Microsoft antitrust case, Microsoft executives were arrogant and misled judges at the beginning. But the e-mails revealed by prosecutors show that Microsoft executives have done a lot to block competitors. The facts revealed by these emails contradict the testimony of Microsoft executives in court, which further damages Microsoft’s reputation and position. Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chief executive at the time, evaded the important and ignored it. After the anti competitive behavior was announced, the company’s image was seriously damaged for a time. < p > < p > in 2018, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s chief legal officer, said that the distraction from responding to government antitrust lawsuits could cause companies to miss new innovations, such as online search. < p > < p > < p > Google’s chief executive, Mr. petraey, understands the lessons of Microsoft’s antitrust case. After the U.S. government filed an antitrust complaint against Google, he told employees in a memo, “keep doing what you’re doing. For Google, being censored is nothing new. ” “Our focus is still to build a search product that consumers love and value,” he told analysts on the company’s third quarter earnings call on Thursday < / P > < p > at the end of 2019, when the U.S. Department of justice stepped up its investigation into Google, the company still announced that it would buy Fitbit, a smart watch maker, for $2.1 billion. This year, some consumer groups and competitors protested against Google’s entry into the health data and devices market. But Google has been pushing for the deal to be completed. < / P > < p > in addition, according to the antitrust charges of the US government, Google has also signed some new default setting agreements for paid search, which are even more exclusive and obviously anti competitive. The Justice Department also alleges that Google has for years urged employees to avoid writing emails and text messages, which could later be used to prove that Google is a monopoly. < / P > < p > “Google did learn a lesson from Microsoft, which is to choose its own language carefully to avoid antitrust censorship.” “For example, Google’s chief economist told the company’s employees that they should be careful what they say in public and private places, and avoid the use of ‘cut off air supply’ and similar words,” a US government lawyer said in the Google antitrust complaint “Cut off the air supply” is said to have been used by a Microsoft executive to describe Netscape’s position. < / P > < p > according to the Google antitrust complaint, Google also told employees not to use certain words, such as “suppress”, “block”, “damage” or “prevent” competition, as these words may be used in antitrust review in the future. Recently, gates reflected on Microsoft’s antitrust lawsuit at a meeting in Seattle. He said technology giants like Google have done a lot to avoid antitrust charges. “I think the main mistake I made was that I didn’t realize the importance of developing relationships in Washington,” Gates said. For the past decade, Google has been one of the biggest corporate lobbyists in Washington, spending tens of millions of dollars to please regulators and politicians from both parties in the United States. ” Global Tech