In a short period of 180 days, the “red orange yellow war” of community group buying moved the main battlefield from Hubei to Hunan. As the first prosperous and preferred base camp to carry out community group buying business in China, Hunan community group buying market entered into a state of scuffle instantly due to the entry of giants. Didi’s community e-commerce platform, orange heart, launched its first shot. < / P > < p > “it feels like orange posters have been put up in supermarkets near the community overnight.” Zhou Tong, a Hunan citizen, found that after November, there were suddenly many more orange heart preferred posters in the surrounding communities. Not only orange heart, meituan optimization and pinduoduo’s duomaicai also pasted their own posters all over the streets. < / P > < p > in order to compete for the market in Changsha, orange heart and buy more vegetables at the same time chose to open the warehouse online business on November 6. Meituan optimization began to investigate Changsha from May, and finally chose to enter the formal operation stage on November 11. < / P > < p > although it has not yet been launched in Hengyang City, the posters selected by meituan have already been pasted on the doors of local supermarkets and convenience stores. According to the times weekly, meituan originally planned to launch in Hengyang on November 13. However, due to insufficient preparation, the company finally postponed the launch of its business to after November 20. < / P > < p > “pinduoduo, meituan and orange heart have come to Hunan with the same goal of attacking prosperity and optimization and winning the first place in the market.” A purchaser of a small and medium-sized community group purchase platform in Changsha said, “in order to keep more than 300 core suppliers, Xingsheng optimization held a small meeting for these people in early November, increasing the rebate by about 2%. Prior to this, Xingsheng has never had a relevant incentive mechanism. Now all platforms are attracting these core suppliers. Some suppliers are afraid of prosperity and dare not stand in the line too obviously. ” However, meituan, didi and pinduoduo did not make such a decision rashly in the face of the golden arena which has been dominated for two years. After occupying the market in more than 20 major provinces, such as Hubei, Guangzhou, Jiangxi and Shandong, Duoduo and meituan have formed a leading group, led by key figures of each platform. < p > < p > the reporter of times weekly learned that Abu, the project leader of pinduoduo’s “Duoduo shopping mall”, frequently went to Hunan Province, and the former Yingjun (Huaming, one of pinduoduo’s first-class supervisors) will be responsible for the main battlefield of Changsha City. A pinduoduo insider revealed that handsome was the core member of the early spell goods. At the same time, Chen Liang, head of meituan optimization division, member of meituan core founding team and member of S-Team, the top management decision-making body, is directly responsible for the jurisdiction of Hunan Province; Liu Zicheng, President of orange heart optimization, also led a large number of business line leaders from the headquarters to Hunan to participate in the orange heart optimization kick-off meeting in Hunan Province a week ago Kick off meeting. < / P > < p > in the face of the challenges launched by the three Internet giants, a prosperous and preferred middle-level manager said bluntly, “this battle cannot be avoided, and we also expect that the final result may be that each company carves up the market.” < / P > < p > according to an insider close to Xingsheng, Hunan Xingsheng’s Gmv this year can reach 40 billion yuan, and the scale can not be underestimated. It has become a competitor that Didi, meituan and pinduoduo can no longer ignore. < p > < p > in November, the originally deserted Second Ring Road of Changsha suddenly became lively, and the strange phenomenon of polarization of regional transportation capacity of “Freight Lala” appeared: the freight carrying capacity within the second ring road was almost half quickly extracted, while the number of minivan with “Freight Lala” logo outside the Second Ring Road increased suddenly, and concentrated in the logistics park of wanwei Yuhua District and the north of Xiangjiang River in Kaifu District Road and Wangcheng Baowan logistics park in Wangcheng district. As one of the drivers of this group, Wang Li has no idea how many times he has traveled to the three logistics parks in the past half month and how many goods he has pulled. Through the chat and exchange between the staff in the warehouse, he learned that several Wanping warehouses in the three logistics parks were contracted by Duoduo, meituan and didi respectively. The standard products and fresh products sent by him and his colleagues to these three platforms, after sorting and logistics distribution by warehouse management personnel, are sent to the grid station in the second ring road or in the hands of major leaders, and finally appear on the dining table of Changsha citizens. < p > < p > freight drivers like Wang Li, as the component of transportation resources, directly run through all scenes, categories and the whole format. Therefore, only the balance between transport capacity and demand can promote the final landing of trading closed-loop. Transportation resources become the focus of the platform’s fight. < / P > < p > a number of Changsha suppliers said that on the day meituan launched in Changsha on November 11, orange heart preferred directly adopted the heavy subsidy method of “no matter how much the freight drivers delivered on the day, as long as they delivered the goods to the warehouse, there would be a reward for the amount of money” and most of the drivers were taken away, which led to the tension of the opponent’s transport capacity. < / P > < p > to compete for capacity is to compete for arrival time. The logistics system directly determines the team leader’s performance rate and affects the team leader’s promotion intention – which platform has a mature logistics system, a high performance rate, and an earlier arrival time, can win the trust of the local team leader first. < p > < p > Hunan is the area with the most mature community group buying mode and the longest application time. Time weekly reporters found that the group leader of the prosperous group also had high performance requirements and bargaining power on the platform. < / P > < p > a number of leaders of Changsha Xingsheng preferred that although there are relatively few SKUs (inventory units) to buy more vegetables, they can be delivered to the pick-up point at 7:00 a.m. (the promised time is before 16:00 a.m.), which is the earliest platform for arrival. < p > < p > an informed person close to Duoduo said that after the opening of Changsha and Hengyang, duomaicai mainly adopts the three-level distribution mode of full direct matching, big warehouse grid station and self pick-up point. Orders close to the warehouse will directly send the goods from the warehouse to the pick-up point. Generally, the goods will be delivered from the warehouse at 2:00 a.m. and delivered to the head of the team at 6:00 a.m. In addition, the greatly compressed delivery time is the core factor. < p > < p > “one word, cruel”. Liu Wei, a supplier who preferred to buy more vegetables and orange heart, obviously felt that the high performance requirements of duomaicai were different from those of other platforms. “The storage time control of Duoduo vegetables is very strict, and the standard products must be put into storage before 5:00 p.m. some peers were fined 2000 yuan for half an hour overtime. Other platforms did not formulate overtime punishment, and duomai vegetables were never implemented in other provinces Not only that, but also “if fresh products are mislabelled, they will be fined.”. < / P > < p > arrival time involves a series of b-end business links, such as market operation ability, logistics system, category procurement and channel management, which greatly tests the front-end and back-end cooperation ability of each platform. Especially in the face of this special position in Hunan, the platforms also imitate each other in the competition and readjust their strategies. < / P > < p > the reporter of the times weekly learned that all the local promotion teams that had opened Wuhan Kaicheng for more than two weeks also followed the team to Hunan, and employed and guided the local part-time local promotion. In less than two weeks, Changsha’s team leaders were increased to more than 6000, including a large number of prosperous and preferred group leaders. The expansion speed was much faster than that of Wuhan (one month expansion) There are more than 8000 members in the regiment). < / P > < p > in order to increase the volume rapidly, meituan has also readjusted its strategy of expanding the team leader in Hunan by adopting the mode of self operated BD post + outsourcing BD post. < p > < p > times weekly reporter learned that outsourcing BD receives remuneration in the form of base salary plus performance. In addition, an effective team leader (receiving 5 orders within 7 days) will receive an additional reward ranging from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, and 100 effective team leaders will be given 10000 yuan in one month. < p > < p > a person close to meituan disclosed that up to now, the total number of BDS selected by meituan in Hunan has exceeded 1500, while the internal planning of meituan has at least reached more than 2500, which is far more than the last main battlefield in Wuhan. < / P > < p > “compared with other platforms, meituan’s proprietary BD has always been the largest, with Didi’s proprietary BD accounting for about 10%.” A city manager of meituan is in charge of at least 10 BDMs, and each BDM is responsible for managing more than 10 self operated BDS. Therefore, the number of self operated BDS in each city can reach more than 100. Meituan has selected at least 10000 self operated BD nationwide. ” < / P > < p > an internal employee of meituan explained to the reporter of the times weekly that “the huge self operated BD team conforms to the tone of meituan. During the takeout war, meituan was mainly in the form of direct marketing, supplemented by franchisees in some cities. Because in the early stage of business development, the use of direct marketing can enable employees to go deep into the front line to understand the operation rules of the battlefield and business, ensure the unity of the upper and lower levels, and improve the execution efficiency. Recently, a recruitment advertisement to buy more vegetables has been put up near the headquarters of Xingsheng group on Qingshan Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City. The recruitment advertisement is as follows: the first-line general workers of Xingsheng group will receive a monthly salary increase of 500-800 yuan, and the entry salary of employees of Xingsheng preferred supervisor and above will increase by 30% – 50%. < p > < p > an internal employee of Xingsheng optimization told the times weekly that since June, meituan, pinduoduo and other large factories have been hiring people with 3 or 4 times the high salary, and a considerable number of talents have been lost in the company. What’s more, what makes the management headache is that the company’s internal employees have a sense of crisis due to the attack of big internet factories. < / P > < p > since the beginning of November, the community group buying business of various Internet companies has been launched in Changsha. They have launched various regional drainage schemes, such as app open screen publicity posters, inviting new people to subsidize, among which didi subsidy is the most powerful. < p > < p > a Hunan supplier of orange heart revealed that as early as the trial operation stage in early November, orange heart decided to launch a subsidy of $100 million after it was officially launched on November 18. According to the vertical media Kaiman 4000 public report, orange heart preferred three kinds of subsidies, including category subsidies, discounts and coupons, and incentive for team leaders to place orders on the 18th, and the final daily order volume exceeded 1.7 million. After the first mock exam, the

and the drop, the American group and the spinner were different. After the attempt to optimize the store, delivery station and hour, the group failed to buy the model. Finally, the community group purchase model was finally established in 2017, and the advantage of the Hunan chain convenience store brand “Hibiscus prosperity” was rapidly increased. According to public reports, at present, Xingsheng’s business covers 13 provinces, 161 prefecture level cities, 938 county-level cities, 4777 townships and 31405 villages, with an average daily order of 8 million. < / P > < p > “the key success factors of community group buying are the head of the front end, the middle supply chain and the end logistics. In Changsha, the Internet giants can’t compete with Shengsheng in these three aspects temporarily.” Weber, a senior group buying practitioner in the community, made an analysis to the times weekly. < / P > < p > “in the head end, Xingsheng has a set of five level system of leader, Commissioner, director, manager and director. The more orders are made, the more sales the subordinate can earn, and the greater the achievement will be. As the core of Xingsheng’s preferred team, marketing director, marketing manager and marketing director have special support policies of 2000 yuan, 5000 yuan and 7000 yuan respectively. The maximum salary of marketing director can be