Not long ago, it was revealed that the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series has been reduced compared with the previous generation, and it supports 5g. Although there is an “intelligent data mode” which can be switched on according to the situation, how about the battery life performance if the user keeps on 5g? Tom’s Guide compares the performance of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro under 5g network with other brands of smart phones. < / P > < p > the tester first makes these mobile phones fully charged, locks the Internet for use, sets the screen brightness to 150, and then continuously browses the web page, opens a new page every 30 seconds until the battery runs out, and observes how long each mobile phone can last. < / P > < p > from the results, the service life of the 5g network of the iPhone 12 is 8 hours and 25 minutes, which is nearly 3 hours less than that under the 4G network of the iPhone 11. Moreover, even if the iPhone 12 is switched to the 4G network, the battery life of the iPhone 12 is still nearly 1 hour less than that of the iPhone 11, which is 10 hours and 23 minutes. < / P > < p > in contrast, the performance of the iPhone 12pro is better, with the battery life of 9 hours and 6 minutes under 5g network, which is 1 hour and 18 minutes less than that of the 4G network of the iPhone 11 pro. When the iPhone 12pro is tested on 4G, it has an extra hour of battery life and can be used for 11 hours and 24 minutes. Global Tech