Thanks to TSMC’s 7Nm and AMD’s innovative rdna2 architecture, RX 6000 Series graphics card based on Navi 21 core can surpass RTX 3080 / 3090 in game performance on the premise of lower power consumption. Considering that the price of the corresponding products is 4000 yuan cheaper, as long as the supply is in place, I’m afraid it will sell well. However, before we start, we should make clear that, at least in terms of hardware accelerated optical recovery, NVIDIA has entered the second generation, AMD is just starting, and there is still a gap in actual performance. Amd disclosed in the official ppt that the rdna2 graphics card (said to be RX 6800 XT) was measured in the laboratory, and 471 FPS was measured by turning on the hardware light tracing (DXR SDK) in the geometric program samples, while the software acceleration was only 34 FPS, with a gap of 13.8 times. < / P > < p > of course, optical tracking is also a driving sensitive graphics function, and there is still room for optimization in Navi 21. In addition, AMD is also developing a supersampling technology similar to DLSS, to improve the overall frame rate after light tracing is turned on. Global Tech