After the delay, the switch version of “destroyer: Eternity” has finally been released. Although there is only a digital version, it is better than being cancelled. Because of its relatively low performance, the switch version can not compare with other versions. Today (December 9) foreign media released a comparative video. Let’s take a look at the gap between switch and PS4 pro in running “destroyer: Eternity”. < / P > < p > the switch version of “destroyer: Eternity” is still the responsibility of the panic button, who was responsible for transplanting the destroyer and the German army headquarters. In the previous games, the developer even used to block the vision to delete the vision to achieve the purpose of transplantation. From the comparison video of switch “destroyer: Eternity”, the game effect is good except for the conventional operations such as reducing the resolution and reducing the special effects. At least it is enough for a handheld that can take away and kill everywhere. Of course, some small tricks are used to complete the task. For example, in the switch version, the plot segment is changed to upper and lower black edges, which can obviously reduce the pressure on the switch. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple