In today’s fourth quarter 2020 earnings call, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, was asked about Apple’s payment services. He said the use of contactless payments is likely to increase in the United States due to the new outbreak. Cook’s reply is actually related to the payment habits of the United States. < / P > < p > but the epidemic clearly makes people don’t want to do this kind of contact again, so Apple pay is used more frequently. < / P > < p > some foreign media believe that after using contactless payment services, people will not go back. The United States has been lagging behind in contactless payment, which is actually caused by people’s habits. The new crown will change the habits of American users. < / P > < p > whether Apple pay or Google pay, or NFC chip contact of credit card, all belong to non-contact payment (this kind of scanning QR code is used by Chinese users). Cook, of course, only talked about home services, saying Apple was enthusiastic about payment services. Apple card is very good, apple pay is very good. According to the latest financial report, Apple’s total net revenue in the fourth quarter was $64.698 billion, up 1% from $64.40 billion in the same period last year, and net profit was $12.673 billion, down 8% from $13.686 billion in the same period last year. Global Tech